Do you eat the same breakfast every day?

Jaime Rae F.
Yes. For about 25 years I didn't eat breakfast, it made me feel sick. Trying to get myself into the routine of eating on a morning is difficult for me, so having the same breakfast takes away alot of stress over it
Marine E.
8 out 9, I eat banana and peanut butter. I like it the most so far. Simple to prepare and doesn't take much time.eating it alsp doesn't take much time. I like the saltiness and crunchiness of the butter and the sweetness plus refreshing taste from the banana.
One time I eat rice with fried eggs+sauce as breakfast (as luncu also), I almost threw up when I need to cycle to uni. That time, I didn't have banana. On that same day, I bought 6 bananas, enough for the whole week.
So far I like it the most, but I'm not sure if I can find other similar alternative, maybe i'll change my mind
James Y.
Almost. I eat a bowl of oatmeal most days and mix it up with different fruits and berries. Sometimes with peanut butter and sometimes with protein powder. Always with flax and sometimes with muesli. Sometimes with walnuts and sometimes with pecans. Never instant. But even steel cut and rolled oats can be prepped in a couple minutes in the microwave. Then every once and a while on the weekend go out or change it up. Even when traveling I bring or order oatmeal. My LDL cholesterol was 72 on my last checkup. I’m sticking with oatmeal for the foreseeable future.
Ameera F.
I mean no for sure…Eating same breakfast everyday make it boring and we'll lose that curiosity to have a breakfast…To be frank, I am currently having healthy at the same time unhealthy breakfast too… I'm on my way to improve things… that's why I chose fabulous in my journey..🥰💯♥️
Angel F.
I try to. On workdays is easier to stick to a routine, but I noticed that when I’m given the chance to, I tend to deviate from the routine and eat breakfast later. This I know works against the development of consistent habits.
Aisha N.
I actually almost never eat the same breakfast every day – especially if I’m having this breakfast at home, and not, for example, when I’m on vacation, or spending some time at a friend’s (both where ingredient’ms and available utensils and budget could be limited).

This is my view on things, but I feel like variety adds a layer of interest to my day (similar to a kinder surprise where you don’t really know what to expect but you’re excited either way). But this applies to me as I’m not too fond of my days looking exactly the same, or feeling exactly the same. This added to the fact that I like cooking up new recipes as well explains my perception of things.

But sometimes others can find comfort in routines or days looking somewhat similar to one another, which can make them feel grounded and in control.

Choosing to add variety should complement your comfort and view of things.

That’s my take on it!

Emma S H.
Yes but only a balance breakfast during the week days but I treat myself with my favorite breakfast on the Weekend. It good to be healthy but remember to treat yourself too