What do you do while eating breakfast, if anything?

P Mela A.
It differs. I sometimes just stare out the window. Sometimes I write messages with friends. And yet other times I do a puzzle if have lots og time or put on clothes if I’m in a hurry.

Kurt O.
Usually I'm listening to something. I'm going to try to make listening to The Daily podcast my go to in the morning. That way I'm not completely oblivious to what's going on. If there isn't a new episode I listen to music.

Milka F.
Usually i will go on my phone and watch a video or scroll through social media, however i think i woud like to change this habit, ive become too obsessed with my phone and should pay more attention to the world around me. I think starting to do this with my breakfast is a good way to go.

Gustav P.
I read or listen to music, because I have the world's shortest attention span and cannot deal with having to sit there doing nothing.

Jan Peter F.
It generally depends on the day. Usually I listen to something informative or creative like a TED talk or some music. Sometimes I like to eat in silence and be in the moment whilst eating.

Sylvia O.
I rush to get my food, and get to the bus on time. Then I enjoy my food on the ride, so I have something in my stomach when I get the chance to even eat in the first place.

M Lissa P.
I’m quite ashamed to say this but unfortunately I watch Netflix while eating breakfast. The reason I do this is because I like feeling entertained most of the time and often dread it when it’s too quiet. I know that this behavior of mine is not good so next time I will try to focus on only eating while having breakfast.

Hilda Y.
I eat breakfast and drink coffee while watching a YouTube video. I use YouTube videos as a timer for my morning routine. It isn't limiting screen time, I know, but I don't feel bad about it either.

Gwendolyn P.
I’m mostly on my phone or laptop or even playing video games. At the moment, I don’t think it’s detrimental because it helps me eat slower than my normal pace.

Lee C.
Right now I am catching up on Fabulous. But normally I would check emails. Sometimes I would just wnjoy breakfast while staring out into the garden, but this is not often.

Derrick O.
What I do while eating breakfast is enjoying a moment op peace. A moment to wake up with a cup of tea and a nice bowl of granola

Malou P.
I love listening to motivational videos on YouTube sometimes I read a book on my phone and then later once I’m done eating I’ll listen to the motivational videos. This I do every morning.

Bernard O.
Write my journal, make a to do list for the day, go over the to do list of the week, plan my meals, go through the cleaning schedule, basically plan.

August P.
I currently multi-task while I’m eating breakfast ( checking email, watching tv), but my goal is to focus on my food and nothing else while I’m eating.

Irma U.
I'm trying to cut down on screen time while eating. I used to check my texts and emails while eating breakfast. But now I'm trying to eat with a loved one or do my morning writing while eating. Or just sit quietly and think.

Phoebe U.
I like to have my breakfast in a quiet place, I usually have it at work, so I put my earphones to avoid the noise and sometimes I use my cellphone while I'm eating.

Milo O.
Usually, sit with my partner and either talk about what we're doing today or watch some tv together. I also try to reflect on on what I'm doing well and what I need to do better.

Nanna G.
In weekdays, i eat a bowl of corn flakes. Sometimes some fruits with it too. But at the weekend, i have a proper breakfast which includes an egg, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, cheese, a little amount of bread. Sometimes it’s pancakes too.

Afonso U.
Feel good about eating.
Know the nutritional value of what I'm eating and feel good about that. Be thankful that I have the opportunity to eat well and live well.

Tatjana W.
I actually do a variety of stuff, sometimes i watch a tv show, sometimes i have a talk with my mum or with a friend, sometimes i read an article or look at inspo for a project im supposed to do

Erica G.
I am usually in a rush so I usually eat breakfast while doing other chores or while driving to work or school! I never have time to sit down and just eat breakfast, except maybe on Saturdays.

Lester S.
When I eat breakfast would sit next to my husband and have a conservation of what our goals and plans are for the day. Then , we mapped out a goal together as a coupl.