What is the best energizing breakfast to eat?

Bernardina Y.
overnight oats is sumptuous but you have to prepare it at night and got to have the right storage like glasses with cover. Another is wholemeal bread with pbj. Eat it together with fruit. easy to prepare, simple yet nutritious

Florisbela Z.
there is a bread thing that my family makes, which is egg, mushroom, sausage, cheese, spinach, etc all mixed together as a liquid, and poured into a hollowed baguette and cooked. *chefs kiss*

Tr N N.
Well I often eat what I suddenly think about. But I heard that we can have some food and eggs for breakfast to have an energetic day

Robert Z.
I find a breakfast with fruit/ veg, protein and carbs is best. Like oatmeal and fresh strawberries with a serving of Greek yogurt.

Florian Z.
I hated having breakfast I never knew what to have or didn’t have the time to prep something etc. I found my answer in a simple bowl of coconut yougurt with muesli and berries (the more the better!). Not only I have now a quick breakfast ready to eat in the morning but the fruits really give me that extra energy boost!

Alana B.
I enjoying eating oatmeal and a piece of fruit. The oatmeal is long lasting and keeps me feel. The fruit is a dose of a little sugar to make me feel good and its also refreshing.