What makes it a “Great” Breakfast?

Valdemar A.
Energy boosting vegetables and fruits. protein from locally farmed eggs, chicken, pork sausage or bacon, quinoa, or hemp seeds. fresh herbs! A dash of salt, or maybe none at all! Tastes great.

Kati F.
It's great if you have time to prepare it and make it a really nourishing and healthy breakfast. That way you're set up for the day! If you can sit and take the time to enjoy it even better!

Phillip P.
High Protein, fresh produce and unprocessed grains make up the elements of a great breakfast. Colourful, textural meals are healthy and satisfying to eat.

Penny F.
It's completely vegan. It keeps me from feeling full for at least four hours, which is good when I have to work through the middle of the day and I don't get a break 😕 plus it's reasonably healthy, but it still tastes good 😛

Randall P.
A great breakfast includes a lot of protein such as eggs, this fuels your body for the day and energises you, whilst other types of food such as pancakes will only fill you up for 2 hours, see the difference? Your body needs protein to power it up in the morning, so having eggs for breakfast makes it great.

Gabrielle Q.
Protein gives you energy and helps you feel full longer and fruit gives natural energy that with have you feeling groggy

Morgan Z.
Balance! Make sure you have protein for fuel for the day and fresh fruits and veggies to keep your meal balanced. I always have a carb like piece of w.w. toast or 1/2 w.w. english muffin as well so that I feel full but not too full.

Seth C.
One in which it both tastes good an one that is easy or quick to make. Also one that can make you feel good and Is healthy like having fruit on the side.

Bren Q.
One that is easily achievable even on a difficult day, ensuring your commitment even when motivation is low.

Personally, I like 'huel' a meal replacement drink. But fruit and yogurt is easy, eggs on toast isn't difficult, and peanut butter and banana smoothies are delicious. Try and get a protein source and some fruit to include fibre and vitamins.

Conrad E.
A great breakfast leaves you feeling warm inside the belly or mind. The feeling of warmth has been proven to have positive effects on the mind and in decision making on personal matters. And ofcourse a diverse breakfast gives you more energy during the beginning of the day when you might feel less energetic to even start the day.

Porridge with cinnamon, honey and small seeds of some kind give you great fibers to full you stomach for a longer period. Eggs give you that protein that helps your brain function and muscles recover and to finnish this all 1 or 2 glasses of water to hydrate after the night

Thalia Z.
Trying to eat healthier abs be more conscious of the amount of carbs I'm consuming. Trying to increase positive abs lower sugars. Generally trying to eat foods that will give me energy all day especially for those long days of study, school, and work.

Abby J.
A “great” breakfast is one that is healthy, enjoyable, and gives you energy for the day. So something like a homemade smoothie and toast with peanut butter would be a great breakfast (what I had over winter break) and cup noodles would be… unfortunate (what I had this morning 😬). It’s helpful to plan it out the night before or even a couple of days in advance. I find it easier if I have breakfast at the same time each morning.
Oh and definitely drink water while doing this.

Sol Ne S.
A great breakfast starts with a glass of water while preparing meal. Then picking and apple, orange, or banana along with a breakfast bar or oatmeal or healthy toast and maybe an egg. Along with an ensure to drink to boost nutrition throughout the day!

Felix Y.
I like to eat high protein, low carb breakfasts. I usually eat a hard boiled egg, sauteed spinach, and maybe some sort of meat.

Patrick J.
Honestly what makes a great breakfeast is anything that could fill you up but wont make you feel super sluggish. Like for example i eat oatmeal with friut,eggs and some sort of bread with my bottle of water. It feels me up until i have to eat lunch. I hope i answered you question well and good luck on your journey👌👌🤞

Benjamin P.
Eggs are a great breakfast! Full of zinc, protein minerals and more.. You can have them fried, boiled or scrambled with herbs, YUM! Have them with some pan fried asparagus or mushrooms, or both!