When do you prefer to eat? at home, on the way to work or …

Nicklas B.
Hi, I prefer eating at home. Why, because you're more comfortable at home, more relaxed and on your timing. You do not have to rush your breakfast, you go at a moderate paste or one adequate for you. However, if push comes to shove breakfast on the go wouldn't be the same breakfast at home. So If on a daily basis breakfast at home would be scrambled eggs with some toast, a cup of tea and so one, breakfast on the go would be a smoothie.

I hope I answered your question fairly.

Villads W.
i prefer to eat at home watching a good show. i’ve been trying to steer away from arhat and really focusing on enjoying and chewing my food properly. maybe i’ll read? but that can get messy. kinda wanna eat and listen to music maybe? or just be more conscious bc i really enjoy watching shows while i eat and i don’t want to deprive myself of that. i just need to be able to focus on my chewing
Matias Q.
I don't have a preference for the time. But as for the location, I usually eat in front of my phone or laptop, to watch videos or a TV show while I eat.
Abie N.
I prefer to eat at home, however I usually do not give myself enough time so I end up eating at work (my job permits me to do so).
Hilda P.
i prefer to eat at home … it's a good start fir day and give you energy to work all day . Eat fresh fruits to feel fresh and energetic.
Emmie E.
Since I’m taking school at home due to COVID, I’m generally at home most of the time. I don’t tend to eat until 10am or 1pm since I’ve started school, but if it’s a small breakfast, I occasionally eat something before meetings.