What is better between peanut butter and jam?

Corey C.
I think peanut butter is better than jam because peanut butter has a lot more protein which fuels your body and gives you energy. That said, they do both have a lot of sugar so there might be some better options out there.
G. Bori👺 T.
Peanut butter because it's way healthier than jam. I wonder if you talking about peanut butter and jam with sugar or without sugar? Sorry for my horrible english, that's not my first language
Kaity F.
I dont think I understand the question. Peanut butter and grape jelly makes a great sandwich but Nutella and strawberries or banana slices make a great snack.
Raven J.
That’s a debate my family just got into the other day. It’s surprisingly polarizing. Peanut butter conjures images of efficiency whereas jam is a much more leisurely choice. In real life I eat more peanut butter and my jam sits unused in my fridge. However I savor my jam on biscuits mornings. They are special to me because don't normally have time to make and enjoy a breakfast like that.
Carlos N.
I like self made jam because the one in the store is way too sweet. I guess I would have to make peanut butter myself to be able to answer the question fairly.
Ruth M.
I think peanut butter I don’t know the difference but I always have peanut butter infact I bought it few days ago so I feel like peanut butter is good what you think ? What should I eat ?
Nikki B.
Allergic to peanut butter so naturally I would say jam. But I love my peanut butter alternatives. Mostly almond butter and the rich and thick creamy umami it yields. Assuming this is the same feeling peanut butter gives i would say peanut butter!
Alessio E.
I prefer jam. Although, I am allergic to nuts so I can't say I'm giving peanut butter a fair shake. I think it's more of an American thing. I had it once before my nut allergy got worse and it just seemed really salty and claggy. Jam may be really sugary, but it do be tasting good on a wide range of things. Also, why did this app suggest I have half an apple and a spoon of peanut butter for breakfast? Eurgh.
Mathias Z.
For toast, jam is better. For just bread, peanut butter. Although, if you make toast, peanut butter and jelly is amazing.
Sara N.
Peanut butter for me is better,, it got the sweet and the salty taste, so it meeting my cravings,, also I consider it as protein portions so it will be more value meal or snack for me.
Berta G.
I feel like both are equally delicious. But personally, I have nice memories of my mum making me jam sandwiches when I was a kid and that nostalgia makes jam my favourite of the two 🙂
Alfred U.
Aaah choices choices. I Prefer nothing between my peanutbutter and my jam. Just bread on the outside. And homemade jam is the best, and it has to have Strawberry – my fave would be Strawberry pineapple!
Molly U.
Peanut butter. Chunky peanut butter to be exact. Jam has way more sugar and peanut butter has more protein and helps get me through the day.