What time is the latest you can have breakfast after waking? When I’m fasting for religious reasons I feel like I’m cheating if I tick off breakfast if lunch is my first meal….

Gabei U.
I hate eating breakfast but normally the only thing I’m going to eat is a protein bar. I don’t like eating first thing in the morning because the night eat two times as much food throughout the day. Because I have a very active job doing therapy with children I don’t always have access to get lunch so I’d rather not feel like I’m starving the whole day. It’s easier to prolong the break from my fast which is what breakfast actually is and just call my breakfast some thing that I do later in the day
Silas F.
Well I think that if you have breakfast at 12 pm it's so late, i think the perfect time to have a great breakfast it's at 8 or 9 am
Ariadne T.
I would say the latest you can have breakfast is around 10 pm but truly you should do whatever makes you the most comfortable.
Jessie T.
I believe you can establish whatever time makes sense for your circumstances. If lunch is your first meal and the idea is to have healthy foods to help make you the best you you can be then you can determine what time that is and you can stipulate when you need to eat the food by (i.e. before a particular time for it to count as a successfully achieved habit for that day). Ultimately the answer to your question is what you designate for yourself.

It seems like Fabulous gives the people who use it a general parameter but then each person has room to define what that is for him/her self. When it brings up the habit of exercising in the morning it doesn’t tell you you must do 20 push-ups, 10 pull-ups, 25 crunches, etc. for you to consider that quality a success. Or when it comes time to celebrate your achievements it doesn’t say you must clap your hands and applaud yourself for 30 seconds straight. It’s kind of for you to determine. I see it as this: Fabulous gives you the premise and you establish what that means to you. Then you can decide what that is so you can measure whether you “did it” or not by what you said you would commit to. I hope I helped in some way. Best of luck to you and I wish you success as you strive to make aspects of your life better.

Anselmo O.
Whenever you're ready to have breakfast. Time doesn't matter. If you're fasting and you don't have breakfast until 12, it doesn't matter what time. The meal will still be your first meal, and thus your breakfast meal. You're breaking your fast with whatever you wat, whenever that is. And if you're fasting it's a more meaningful way to punctuate both the apiritual ritual and the physical one. "I'm breaking my fast at 1 p.m." would now mean "I stood by my virtues all through the morning by fasting, and am now, at 1 p.m., taking the time to care for my body."
Kelly O.
I'm not sure about duration but if it's after 11am I'd probably just wait for lunch. If it's earlier then I can eat breakfast and just have lunch a little later. I did read somewhere that if you're fasting then you can tick off breakfast so that it's not holding up your progress. Don't think of it as cheating, because it's your routine at those times. Remind yourself it's allowed in your own routine therefore you can go ahead and tick the breakfast box when, say, you're drinking your glass of water in the morning.
Reiko N.
The latest my breakfast can get is at 1-2am after that I consider everything lunch. That would be from 3-7pm after that it’s dinner. Sometimes when I skip breakfast the first thing I eat I consider it as lunch/dinner. That’s just my personal thing, so everyone can decide for their own if the first meal they had would be considered lunch or breakfast. I also fast for religious reasons so I would actually consider it lunch ch or even dinner, because for me breakfast is only eaten in the morning.
Stacy Q.
I have not fasted for religious reasons and I’ve never intentionally fasted. I’m not sure how to answer this question, other than to say if you want to put a time on it, 11:59AM would be a late breakfast.
Nikita I.
You could comprimise and settle for a brunch (a combination of breakfast and lunch) therefore its only one meal but its filling and inbetween the time u eat breakfast and lunch. You could eat a filling meal of breakfast foods or your regular lunch with a bit more food since brunch accounts for two meals.
Lynette U.
How late can one have breakfast? I guess it all depends on when you wake up and eat lunch and do supper. For me no later than
9:00 am as I want to do lunch between 12:00 and 1:00.
Would it work for you to fast at night?
Cassidy N.
I think it it’s your first meal of the day it could be checked off under breakfast as long as it is intentional! I often skip breakfast because I run out of time and I don’t count it because I intentionally didn’t get out of bed in time. But fasting of religious reasons is a lot different than over sleeping due to staying up too late.

Alternatively, if it feels like cheating, you could try taking breakfast of your list and consider replacing it with another action you can take and check off lunch as you eat that first meal instead!

Lonnie U.
I have 2 kids, one is a baby and sometimes it’s a little bit before I can get to that for myself. I celebrate the water, the exercise and other things I got to earlier in order to allow space. Though today I waited too long bc things got in the way and didn’t feel good
Erin T.
I wonder the same thing! Eating in the morning is a challenge, and I understand the process of changing habits is challenging. I want to take all the judgment out of my habit building. I often feel like I’m cheating… but what does cheat even mean? I’m making a commitment to myself – my actions during the day are important, and the the labels of my actions are less important. Whether I decide to call my first meal breakfast or lunch : I have fed myself. I am not religious, but I do have stomach problems that sometimes prohibit me from eating in the “morning time”. Since downloading this app, I personally chose that anything eaten before 12pm Noontime is breakfast. And the meal after 12Noon is lunch. I’m wondering if I will become more flexible on this. I do want to build the habit of food shortly after waking.
In the case of religious fasting, I would say your first meal is breakfast. You are breaking your fast.
George U.
The purpose is to have good habits which have a positive impact on your physical snd mental health. Based on what you have stated you value fasting more than having a breakfast.
Adjusting your routine and habits for a short duration to accomplish something you value will be the best way forward.
Maybe adjust your afternoon habit as having a healthy meal consisting of fruits, nuts or salad.
Or maybe add a habit of taking a meal before you start your fast. Or set a target to keep yourself hydrated post fasting.
Ioana N.
I always call my first meal of the day breakfast, even if I have it at noon. On weekends for example, I eat my first meal at 12. I call that breakfast I don't feel like cheating. The thing is that I love starting my day with a delicious healthy meal. This is how I understand the need for a great breakfast. Love, and good luck! You can make it!
Willelmina I.
Breakfast literally means to “break [a] fast.” So if your first meal of the day lands around lunchtime, it still counts. The real question is, are you fulfilling your dietary needs? I understand you’re fasting for religious reasons, but make sure you’re still taking care of yourself. Much love.
Samantha T.
Well one thing breakfast is about 30 min after you wake up usually, a lot of studies of when to eat say a lot of different times. Honestly if you have kids eat breakfast with them. If you don’t, no later than 9am. I hope this helps
Avery O.
It's not because you postpone breakfast that you can't have breakfast! I often eat breakfast around noon because of health problems but still tick off breakfast if I still have 3 meals that day, that first meal still counts as breakfast
Lulla O.
I definitely would not say this is cheating. Also in the App I once read somewhere that if one is fasting for religious or health reasons the first meal of the day counts as breakfast. I mean it is in the word breakfast that it means to break your fasting 🙂 so i think it is awesome that you are following through with your "morning rituals" although you are fasting too!!
Sophia Q.
The latest I can have breakfast would be before 11, cause to me that signifies the start of lunch and you can't have breakfast during lunch without it being brunch and that's not what I want breakfast to be.
Nicklas W.
Breakfast is exactly how it sounds. You're simply breaking your fast, and though yours is longer than others, it doesn't make it less of a breakfast. Consider implementing some more sustainable foods into your dinner so ensure you're well energized when you wake up, and stay hydrated! Much luck!
Billy J.
Ultimately you set your own rules. If you had to fast, you either can cancel the plan or just tick it. The idea is your intention and wish to change, so if your heart is there: to do good by yourself, I don't think that counts as cheating 🙂 remember to always be kind to yourself. Isn't that the most important thing when you start taking this journey?
Th Odore Z.
If you’re fasting, your first meal is still your breakfast, your break-fast. Fasting is different than skipping breakfast because you’re still aiming to get a full day of nutrition. It’s done with intention, not just because you’re running late and definitely not as a (unhealthy) strategy to lose weight. So breakfast is anytime that you plan to eat your first meal of the day.
Sherman U.
I think that's totally fine! If you break down the word "breakfast" , the two core words are "break" and "fast"! So as long as your first meal is the one to break your fast then I don't think it's cheating at all. Also, as long as you have good intentions and you're following the mechanisms of Fabulous, you don't have to be super dogmatic about the rules or wording. Make it fit with your life! Good luck with your journey!
Yazmin F.
If I wake at 6 I will wait to eat a snack at 10. My lunch is at 11:30. I can always leave it unchecked but I technically check the breakfast task once I start eating because no matter if it's lunch time for everyone else that time to my body is breakfast. Hope that helps some.
Erdogan Q.
For me the ideal breakfast time has to do with the rest of the meals during the day. I'm very hungry and I need to have my meals evenly spaced out through the day to keep myself from getting too hungry and make bad food decisions.
Sol N.
I usually have breakfast between 10 and 11 am. Or within the 2 hours from when i wake up. I just don't function without it. If i wake up around 12 noon, I'll have a brunch, which for me counts like breakfast
Ga L C.
I think religious you shouldn't feel guilty because of religion reasons. Don't worry and have breakfast (or lunch) as soon as your beliefs let you.
Ulfat E.
Hello.As I'm a collage going girl so generally, I take my breakfast daily about 7:15 am and sometimes I take my breakfast near 9:00 am during vocations.And second thing is that if you feel this act as cheating yourself to tick off breakfast after fating so you can take your breakfast first. It is up to you that you want to take breakfast or lunch.
Ebi S.
I wake up pretty early about 9/10 am so breakfast for me is 11 don’t feel guilty, breakfast is the first meal after waking up 🙂 no matter the time
Stanley U.
Fasting for religious reasons shouldn't ever make you feel guilty, it's an exception and should be treated as one.
But my goal is to always eat one hour after I wake up, which would be 9am, the lastest I'd say would be around 11am – 12 am.

I hope this helped a little 🦋

Naia C.
I have to have my breakfast straight away after I get up. I can't go even an hour after waking up without having my breakfast
Benjamin U.
Usually I eat breakfast from 10 to 13 but lately I have been trying to eat at 8 or 9. When I'm fasting my first meal of the day will be at 2 am or 6 pm
Sarah R.
Do what feels right to you. I'm famished when I wake up and I want to eat right away but I do my meditation and exercise first because, for me, they feel better done on an empty stomach. The breakfast ends up being a healthy reward for the meditation and exercise. I have no religious reason for eating or not eating.
Heino E.
Breakfast is your first meal of the day, no matter what time it is. Sometimes I eat within 2 hours of waking up, and sometimes I wait up to 7 hours, depends on the day.
Dyhanara E.
I think the latest I can have breakfast is 11am, otherwise it will push my other meals too late in the evening. I don't want to eat too late and upset my stomach in bed and trigger acid reflux in the morning.
Sophie N.
When it’s the weekend I wake up around 10.30-11am so I end up having breakfast between 11.30 to 12. Week days I normally wake up around 8am so breakfast is at 9.
Karlisa C.
Given that breakfast literally comes from "break fast" if you're first meal when fasting is at lunchtime then that's still when you're breaking your fast. So it definitely counts!

Also, try not to be too hard on yourself based on what you think others would perceive of your routine. If that's when you have breakfast, that's totally okay! Your routine and you being comfortable with it is what's important here 🙂

Best of luck and have an excellent day!