Why does the Eat a Great Breakfast habit come up before the exercise one in the checklist? Shouldn’t we exercise before eating?

Margaux Adam
You should eat before exercising. Eating or drinking carbohydrates before may help allow to work harder and improve performance.

Urte Dörr
Not sure on this one, but my exercise in the morning is pretty light so eating before doesn’t give me cramps or anything. I used to workout before eating, but sometimes I would skip working out because I woke up late and got too hungry.

Louna Masson
Bad diet cannot be overcome by exercise. By eating a great breakfast I am instilling a positive action which can only benefit me. Exercise & diet go hand in hand to create a healthy you

Hector Barnett
Sometimes, if I eat before exercising, I tire more quickly. My stamina is not what it would normally be. My attention goes to my stomach rather than my workout or music that I would be listening to. It makes the workout less enjoyable.

Elenara Pinto
I would absolutely say that exercise should come before breakfast. I like to workout in the morning to get it out of the way and it starts my day off right. If I was eating first I wouldn’t get nearly the effective workouts done. Also some of the research that I’ve read shows that you’re not supposed to eat a certain amount of hours before doing a workout. The short answer though is that breakfast after a workout is the only way I exist on weekdays. Weekends are a bit different.

Soham Marshall
Ensuring that you eat well as a habbit before excersising as a habbit is a better way around. Also means you change to a healthy breakfast from either nothing or an unhealthy one.

Owen Roche
Because the body needs energy after long night. But maybe excercise on the first place is good for blood pumping and waking straigt away. Im not sute.

Harold Mund
To eat breakfast before exercise will provide the fuel to work with our body , will give energy to our brain to think well , will make us feel beloved by nurturing our body before anything

Franklin Gonzales
It doesn't, I do exercise before eating. Shouldn't this prompt be context sensitive based on the routine set in my app? Surely there are other people who have ordered their routines differently and if the intent of this question is to suggest an order or makes no sense when someone has their tasks ordered the other way around from what this question apparently assumes.

Selma Kristensen
Maybe because you need nutrition for getting energized for starting exercise, but I usually eat breakfast after exercise.

Eva Hopkins
You haven't had water or food in over 8+ hours when you wake up. It's best to have some fuel in your system before you exercise. High protein is best and it doesn't have to be big. A hard boiled egg, or protein shake, for example.

Benedita Da mata
I guess eating before I have work out helps give me energy to push through my workout with energy in the end than being extra tired and starving which good lead to over eating for breakfast

Tilde Johansen
I personally exercise before I eat and think that might be a better way to do it. I think the main reason they're in that order is purely technical – Fabulous adds each new habit at the end of the list. Because breakfast is deemed to be a more important habit for a good morning, it was introduced first, and so is higher on the list. When I got the exercise habit added, I just moved it to be before breakfast – you can reorder them when you click into your morning ritual. Reordering them doesn't change anything about your progress, and they'll still be tracked. Hope that helps!

Taimara Melo
Normally i pefer t excercise in the afternoon because in the morning i have enough energy but in the afternoon this helps to have more

Miguel Hall
It’s simple because you need energy to exercise. I think if you workout without breakfast earlier in the morning it could be exhausting maybe dangerous for your health.
I don’t have scientific evidence about it but it’s just what came in my mind when I read your question.


Margaux Charles
I'm not sure it should be a 2-part process, but rather 3-part. My feeling is that a small something for fuel 30 minutes before a workout and then a proper meal afterward is the way to go. Not sure I'm right about that, but I do know that nothing before a workout makes me sluggish and nothing after a workout makes me ravenous later.

Patrick Hamilton
I don’t consider stretching excersize. I normally wake up, stretch, clean up/hygiene, then after 30mins (waiting time after eating/drink coffee) I eat a breakfast late in the morning at 9-10am.

Darrell Gregory
I think for exercise, you need to have energy in your body and early in the morning we are quite low on energy. So, a healthy breakfast helps us to get the right energy into our body which helps us to exercise even better. That's the best reason I could think of..

Signe Poulsen
Because a great breakfast before an exercise will allow your body something to burn when you are using energy. If you don’t eat something, you will feel dizzy when you sweat a lot and used up too much energy.

Alison Owens
I think it’s because we’ve been fasting all night and energy reserves are low. A great, healthy breakfast gives us energy for working out.

Lillian Duncan
I think it depends on the exercise. I do yoga in the morning and usually it is recommended to not eat before doing yoga. However, if you are doing more strenuous exercise like a run or some cardio, I think it is beneficial to eat something before hand, at least something small, and something nutritious for sure. If you prefer exercising before eating, you can always switch the habits around by tapping the three dots button in the upper right of the morning routine list and then tapping the reorder habits button.

Hans-rudolf Eberhardt
No, we should always eat n drink first thing in the morning especially as our bodies have been fasting n dehydrated throughout the night while we are asleep. Our body’s energy thus becomes low n needs fuel to start functioning normally. So we should only exercise after we’ve met our body’s needs n given it the energy it needs to perform those exercises. Hope this helps!😊

Guy Hunter
That is a good question! Maybe to deter us from overeating? Knowing we have to work out we won't eat as much? Or to give us fuel for the workout?

Jorge Mahn
I don’t have time to exercise in the morning before I leave to work. I eat my breakfast around 9-10 that’s my break for 30min. I exercise before eating during the weekend

Léane Caron
Yes sure but it depends on the person. As in you can eat a great breakfast and wait 3 hours to do your exercises. Others prefer to wake up early in the morning let’s say at 6 am go for a walk and then come back to eat breakfast but it really depends on the person !

Gaëtan Guillaume
Once you eat you can loose some of the calories right after you eat. If you do it before then you are burning basicallly nothing. This is why you eat a good, healthy breakfast then exercise. Food will give you the energy you need and help you think throughout your day.

Letitia Larson
Honestly it deepens on the workout you plan on doing. Stuff like fasted cardio is a thing but when you strength train it’s probably good to put something in your stomach first not like a full meal though.
Personally, I do all the stuff on my list out of order, besides the water first thing. Then I check them all off at once.

Sofia Jackson
It’s basically like using a car, you can’t run it properly without fuel… I think human body works the same way. Fortunately I have always been good at the GREAT breakfast habit. To me is the most important meal of the day

Sandy Schiele
You can do it befor breakfast,if this is your problem.eating breakfast is easier than exercise 😁
We should walk to our goal like baby steps so don't stop and do it by your method and don't be worry .this kind of questions just make you confused.some times it's better to trust your coach and just do it.

Candice Lopez
Its better to start the day with food to get your metabolism going and to have enough energy to fuel the body for exercise so eat first then work out

Laurine Berger
I really think that this depends on the individual. I personally perform better in the gym if I’ve eaten breakfast however I can’t eat a great breakfast before which will give me a feeling of nausea therefore I’ll eat a second larger breakfast after the gym. My brother on the other hand eats after as eating before working out gives him bad nausea while working out.

Anni Wimmer
Not always. A few things; 1) you can change the order in which these habits show up in your morning ritual. 2) Some people (like me) fast in the mornings, so the “eat a great breakfast” task is used to drink the tea, bone broth, coffee or Keto-approved sustenance in the morning, which is usually light and can be done before a workout.

Katrine Nielsen
I personally find exercising before eating really difficult. When I wake up, i feel tired and with low energy, therefore I need energy so I can do anything afterwards. But now that I am thinking about it i have never tried it. Maybe i should tried it first and then see what is better for me.

Nathanaël Morin
I think it's because eating a good breakfast is easier than exercising, just like drinking water is easier than eating a good breakfast. You can adjust the duration and order of the habits within the rituals to fit your needs. Mine is: exercise, water, eat a great breakfast

Lily Ford
I've done it both ways. As long as the meal isn't a large one, and I wait an hour after eating, I haven't noticed much difference other than being hungry if I don't eat before.

Johan Thomsen
It’s better to start small with drinking water first thing in the morning to eating a good breakfast then exercising first thing in the morning. Crawl walk run then jump when your ready

Johnni Martinez
Though eat a breakfast habit comes before the exercise habit doesn't mean we have to eat breakfast and then exercise. We have to exercise as soon,as we wake up. Please read the letter well.

Jeppe Rasmussen
No idea. In fact I excercise before eating. If there is scientific explanation why it should go as on list I'd like to know.

Victoria Poulsen
That’s a good question. I’ve always heard its best to exercise before eating. The only reason I can think that it comes first at this point, is that it’s an easier habit. It’s important now to establish things then tackle the tougher tasks later on

Francisco Garza
As there are so many different schools of thought around do eat don’t eat before you exercise
I think you have to do what’s best for you!
In my earlier years as in my 20’s Yes 30s motherhood No way 40s No 50s Still no

Owen Gomez
Diet is the foundation for a safe and energetic workout. The better you eat, the more focus and drive you will have during physical activity.

Andrea Craig
I thought so too, but maybe you need the energy you get out of the great breakfast so that you won’t feel tired straight away?

Wanner Rodrigues
I don’t have time to exercise in the morning and I have to choose between a nice breakfast or exercise. I prefer the energy from the food. Also, I prefer exercising in the afternoon or even in the evening

Baptiste Gaillard
If I’m understanding your question correctly, then I would say don’t have that kind of a relationship of food and exercise in your head. Otherwise, it may turn on you and you may start to think that you don’t deserve to eat if you don’t exercise, and vice versa. Which is not healthy. Building a healthy habit of eating breakfast BEFORE you begin the committnent of an exercise routine is a setup for pure success. Starting your day off with proper fuel and then exercise is the perfect routine. Whether you have a job/school during the day or night time, when you first wake up is when your cortisol levels are highest. Therefore, natural energy that your body supplies you with to get through a workout and proper digestion of a meal. If you are talking about eating directly before your workout, then allow me to clear that up as well. Timing of meals are not an exact science. Everyone’s bodies are different, thus your meal timing can be different from others. Sometimes, I eat before I exercise and sometimes after. If this is new to you, allow yourself time to figure it out (you’re worth the extra time spent). If you want to eat before your exercise, then allow yourself a 15-30 minute window beforehand to allow your metabolism to kick it into high gear. During this time, maybe consume a glass of water, some coffee, or some preworkout (as well as some light stretching) so that when your wait period is over you will feel warmed up and ready for your exercises. If you so wish to eat after your exercise, then do so! Do what feels right for you! I hope this helped!

Alfred Alvarez
You should have food in your body before you work out. That way you actually have calories to burn and energy for your workout.

Christoffer Andersen
It depends of exercise you going to do! If you are doing a slow pace cardio for more than 30 minutes and less of 1 hour, you can do a fasted cardio! Will help a little bit more to loose fat! Now if you are doing weights training I don’t really recommend doing fasted training. You need every energy possible to do a really good training!

Domingas Moraes
I actually do my HIIT exercise in the “movement” step of my daily routine. And that is before my breakfast. My 30 minute workout comes later in the day.

Chad Sullivan
As the meme states: „well yes, but actually no”. If you plan hard exercise like a long run or weight lifting, you should eat at least one hour before the training. However, the app suggests light moves to pump the blood and warm up a little. It should even impact digestion positively. I don't think you should ever exercise with an empty stomach. I would make an exception only if a dietician, personal trainer or other professional recommended that with proper justification.

Stavros Moser
I do exercise before breakfast. However, eating breakfast is more important than exercising. That’s probably why this habit is the second to learn.

Sander Johansen
This might be a mistake, or maybe the question is not personalized. From my side exercise is before breakfast, and I think it makes more sense since it’s harder to jump around with a full stomach.

Rebecca Williamson
I don't think so.

The breakfast is the first thing you should do, next to drinking water.
Food provides you energy, which you'll need when exercising

Loïs Clement
Eating a great breakfast is key to starting your day right. It helps you to feel better and make better eating decisions later in the day. Food is also the key to a healthy body. Working out is great for your wellness but the best wellness comes from within, what we put in our bodies.

Ethel Gregory
It’s important to eat before you exercise in my opinion at least. What else would you get any energy from? You’ve been fasting for a good amount of hours. I don’t know to me it just make sense

Robin Andrews
Just like hydration in the morning needed after a long 7-8 hours of body need. Nourishments are needed to even exercise the body. May be a lighter glass of milk or banana is ok to start the exercise. Agree post exercise the metabolism is active and one should go for filling rightfully nutritious breakfast to start a great day.

Fabiana Da luz
I know for me a small healthy breakfast before exercise keeps me going through the exercise section. If I dont have something small I dont feel great when I'm exercising and then I want to binge eat when I get back. Whereas now I need only a banana when I come back. But if I'm honest if you feel like you can't, just have some nuts (if not allergic) to keep you going then have your breakfast when you get back. Your body needs something to kick start it (like having the water). Good luck x

Horst-dieter Gronau
I actually think we should exercise before eating but I customized this habit to the different times I wake up. Each new day doesn't always account for fitness day.

Stefani Weimer
You can reorder the checklist to suit your preferences. Some people like to exercise in a fasted state, and others do not. The important thing is that your morning routine is set up in a way that you will actually complete it and get your day off to a good start.

Lydia Shelton
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Caleb Monteiro
The right breakfast can give you more energy throughout the day and not making you crash after a couple of hours or have you looking for more to eat

Lena Coleman
Maybe because the breakfast could be a reward for doing the exercise. Exercise might be a harder habit to start doing and stick to.

Fernão de magalhães Rezende
I suppose it is about general wellness first. Establishing food as a system for nourishment and energy gets you in the right mindset to think of exercise as a privilege.

Maya Kelley
Personally, I workout then eat. But I've eatin from last night, so I'm just moderately hungry versus it being noon on an empty stomach.

Lícia Da cunha
Yes, we should exercise after eating but before that we should know the food pyramid and the amount of healthy food is appropriate for breakfast and other eating times. Exercising is another way to stay fit for the day and wake your body up to some activities.

Arno Jobst
I prefer to excercise before I eat unless it is later in the day/morning. I recommend that if you excercise really early, start with a glass of water as soon as you get up, and grab a handful of nuts (1/4 cup) on your way to the gym or 15 minutes before excercise if hungry.

Victoria Rasmussen
Yes, but my body always seems to be desperately hungry shortly after I wake up. My main routine, while exercise is not yet

Olivia Barrett
I think it is put in that order because breakfast is one of the main energy sources in your morning. With that said, you take your breakfast first in order to be able to perform greatly in your exercising routine.

Phillip Larson
Not necessarily. If you’re working out within 20 minutes after waking than you should be able to sustain the suggested, quick workout. If you’re going to exercise for a while or eat you should consume only a small amount of protein and complex carbohydrates (think: rice cake with nut butter). You should consume 25% of your daily protein requirement within 30 minutes after exercising.

Eduarda Barros
All throughout the night while we sleep, our bodies are still burning through energy which comes from the food we eat. It’s important to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning to jump start your body and give you the energy you need to do your exercise.

Jane Lopez
If you eat before exercise then wait a little bit to digest then you will have more energy for a good workout. If you prefer to exercise on an empty stomach I don't think there is anything horribly wrong with that as long as you are hydrated and feeling good, but even having a small snack before would help with energy levels.

Adrian Lopez
You should always eat something before exercising so your body has enough fuel to power through your workout. Your body needs a certain amount of sugar for fuel when training. When that blood sugar is not there, your body will convert your own muscle tissue into energy.

Alix Renard
Yes, I do think the same. It is weird to me to see Eat before exercise.

I reordered both of them to do exercise before food.

Maëline Gautier
I i’m not sure why that eat a great breakfast habit comes up before the exercise habit. In the morning I prefer to work out on an empty stomach so I moved the eat a great breakfast habit two after the exercise habit. This has worked out so much better for me. Hope this helps.

Karla Andersen
I’m not really sure. I am used to drinking water and having my coffee and devotions then exercising and two hours later eating breakfast.

However water, breakfast, exercise in that order maybe a more beneficial way to start the day.

I am wondering why eat a good breakfast comes up again on the afternoon schedule? What do you think about that?

Freja Hansen
I actually prefer to exercise before eating breakfast. I'm at fault actually for doing all habbits in an order, and in the rush, I forget to check off the habits on the app. If I have a breakfast before the exercise, I have stomach aches.

Waltrud Cramer
Because you need some energy for the exercises. In addition, if you reverse this arrangement you may feel sleepy when you have breakfast after doing exercises

Tristan King
Well for me is any option not good. When i eat a great breakfast and then exercise, i feel like throwing up. When i have whole breakfast after exercise, i can't exercise much because of not having enough energy. So i get up, eat an apple or banana, then go exercise and then make myself a great breakfast.

Maddison Neal
You need to hydrate and fuel your body before you exercise. You want the slow burn from your exercise to be fueled by the good choices you eat for breakfast

Maëline Simon
Yes. I think we should exercise before get a breakfast in the mourning to burn more calorie that I eat in the day before

Simon Poulsen
I felt dizzy when I felt so hungry, almost passed out when I walked for a short distance. That's why I prefer eat something before exercise.