I get hungry after breakfast again wayyy before lunch time. Would you recommend a larger breakfast or a snack?

Vanessa E.
Hi, Try a high protein breakfast if you’re not already, eggs, beans, bacon etc (no added oil). That should do the trick. If it’s not working after a week or so, add a small handful of nuts, raisins and seeds or banana mid morning. I’ve found it works though without the need to snack once you get used to it 👍

L Onard E.
I'd go for a larger breakfast next day to ensure the energy that the body requires for the morning hours is supplied sufficiently.

Philip G.
in your breakfast avoid eating sweets and sugar, replace them with aliments that contains slow digested sugars such as fruits, beans… and your will see the difference, you won't feel hungry fast as before.

Anneli E.
My job here is to buy you some time.

Personally I supplement with caffiene and routine focus. A good deal of hunger can stem from not maintaining focus on any one particular thing. I think also, it depends on what the task at hand is designed for.

Watching a movie can even be associated with hunger!

Don’t let your brain fool ya’. That’s just you’re stomach talking back.

Caleb Z.
I would recommend breaking your breakfast in two. One snack before going to work, one snack during a break, and then lunch. I find having too big a breakfast slows me down and makes me sleepy during the starting shift. Having a smoothie or something smaller gets you started without slowing you down.

Erika A.
I think you should try a healthy snack. When you do that, you keep your in mind the right thinking to keep doing a great job and becoming a better you.

Bob Y.
Firstly, make sure that your breakfast contains enough healthy calories to "last" you. Bread,fruit and corn/rice flakes will make you feel hungry soon again. I'm no nutritionist but foods like oatmeal, sesame seed paste, nuts etc might work. I definitely suggest adding a snack instead of having a very large breakfast however. a fruit, a handful of nuts, a boiled egg, a small sandwich are all easy solutions. The internet is your friend for further suggestions! Long story short, increase the healthy fat and fiber in your breakfast and have a snack after. Smaller but frequent meals help your metabolism. Good luck!

Marsha E.
Snack is the way to go. That way it keeps your energy and blood sugar levels constant. Try something like a handful of nuts and a few slices of cheese because of the high protein content.

Justin J.
I would recommend that you have a snack to make it to lunchtime, eating too much will result in you feeling tired. As the body requires energy to break down food. Best of luck with everything.

Vincent E.
I prefer a larger breakfast but with focus on low-release carbs. For example oatmeal with fruits and nuts. This keeps me full for many hours. Drinking enough water also helps with staying full longer, as the body often reads dehydration as hunger and therefore makes us feel hungry.

Maria W.
It depends on what you are eating for breakfast. If you are getting hungry I would suggest eating something more filling for breakfast rather than having a snack on the middle of the day.

Alexandre Q.
Depends on your breakfast, if it's already large, than you should grab an apple or any other fruit as a snack, or even a small salad should do the trick and make you feel full till your lunch time

Rosa Z.
I would recommend a light low calorie snack to take with you and have if you feel hungry later on before lunch. Keep it small and healthy; fruit or some crackers or a cereal bar. Nothing with high sugars are these will make you have a sugar rush and then slump not long after. You're looking for foods that will sustain you.

Jonas Z.
You dont necessarily need to have a larger breakfast but you could give it a try. However, I have seen sources for a combination of things that reduce hunger. For breakfast include a healthy fat, protein, and carbs, this could help (there are specifics online you could research if you really want). Otherwise, if that dosent help it can be good to have a good snack (make sure you have protein). The last thing I would try if neither of these work is to have 5 smaller meals per day. I have seen many sources saying this works for some people as well. Breakfast, midmorning, lunch, mid afternoon, and dinner.

The reality is this could be a strong trial and error process, but dont give up! Keep trying until you find something that works for you 🙂

Good luck!!!

Pierre S.
I would actually recommend more protein and maybe fiber in your breakfast if you aren’t getting much already. carby breakfasts don’t keep my full for very long at all. If you are eating a decent amount of protein already in your breakfast, then a snack might be a good idea in the mid-morning.

Heinz J Rgen X.
Hello, I would recommend you to take a small snack. Ideally in the form of a handful of nuts, or a piece of healty fruit if it is morning. This Is my opinion 🙂 Sorry for my English. I am beginner. Have a nice day 🙌🌞 Lukas

Pius T.
Try to review what you're eating for breakfast. If it's something sugary, your blood insulin level will trigger hunger to source the large amounts of sugar constantly.
Try to add some protein, it takes longer to digest and keeps your fuller longer

Andrea W.
I recommend a snack if breakfast is filling. I dont think it's best to stuff yourself so you last longer. Eat when you're hungry and stop right before you're stuffed.

Maria Z.
A mid-morning snack would be better to hold you over until lunch time. Personally, if given the option, I would prefer to have smaller meals spread throughout the day, than three large meals.

Kristin Q.
Maybe some fruit before lunch! I heard that sometimes we confuse hungry with thirst, and our organism try to get the water from food!

Hanna Q.
Eating a good bowl of oatmeal helped me with this hunger. Oatmeal releases it's glucose (energy) slowly and makes you feel satisfied longer. Adding seeds lika chia/ flax/hemp or a nut butter will make it even effective.

Cl Ment U.
Maybe you're not eating enough for breakfast! Or something that doesn't fill you up quite right. If that's the case a larger breakfast, but if you feel your breakfast is already big enough, then definitely have a snack. I personally would rather have a snack in between!

Marie T.
I would recommend an on the go snack like an apple or balanced bar. Consider how much sugar is in your breakfast and find ways to reduce it.

Charlie Z.
I personally prefer to snack, since if I try to make breakfast too big I tend to get sluggish. I make a point to take fruit with me to work so I have something that's healthier for me to snack on between meals.

Valdemar C.
I think a snack – such as a handful of nuts – would be better, rather than overloading your body with a big breakfast. And have a glass of water ; often you think you are hungry but in fact you are thirsty, without realising it.

Rose T.
Depends what time you are having breakfast? If you're an early riser and need to do gym then you are out the door before traffic. .OR later wake up and late breakfast…. would recommend have healthy snacks around like almonds and bottled water and fruits or muslie bar. Another possibility is what's your dinner habits? Another possibility is maybe get into habit of drinking bottle of water when wakeup?
If your job/ morning is alot of intense burning of calories…. have many different snacks ready for the morning…

Ernst X.
A good potion is always best for breakfast, however don’t make it too big, save some room for lunch ;). Have a cup of tea or coffee, and keep hydrated before lunch, this will hold your appetite till about lunch hours.

Alberte W.
Eat something like porridge that keeps the hunger feeling away for longer than for example bread or yoghurt. But to eat a snack in between is good too depending on what that snack is…

Jared Z.
I would reccommend a snack, that could be any fruit, some nuts, avocado, a slice of dark chocolate or a flat bread with ham

Ella C.
I recommend what you want, really. Both options are okay, personally. I do a lot of exercise per day and I just want to be confortable with my body and mind altogether.

Frida W.
When having hunger pangs eat a small snack that consists of fiber and protein because it satisfies your cravings and sets you up to meet your goal of eating smarter and healthier.

Marino N.
Snack at mid morning for sure! Get some protein and fibre rich foods; maybe an apple and peanut butter, or veggie sticks and hummus! It'll keep you fuller and provides more whole food fuel to get you to lunch!

Andrew E.
I have the same trouble, but for me it’s a desire for food that hits as soon as I start hard work. Are you wanting food to make life less dull, or because your body needs it? Either way, it’s probably a habit right now to have a snack, and that’s ok! Can you stock up on healthy snacks similar to your breakfast? Changing the type of snack will probably be easier than fighting the desire for a snack.

Jonas B.
Personally I would recommend a larger/more protein filled breakfast! If you feel like you are already pretty full from the breakfast that you are eating now, I would do a healthy snack. Make sure you are listening to your body because every body is different!

Ga Tan T.
It's ok to be hungry, it's a difficult to accomplish this feeling but yeah, you will get over it and beat it, I recommend to eat a snack like apple🍎