Is it bad to drink a lot of coffee before I’ve eaten anything?

Tulika E.
First of all, drinking lot of coffee isn't beneficial for health. It leads to restlessness, poor sleep, migraines, etc. Secondly, coffee increases the production of stomach acid but doesn’t appear to cause digestive issues for most people. Lastly,  no evidence indicates that drinking it on an empty stomach affects the frequency or strength of any side effects. To sum it up, I'd say that little scientific evidence suggests that drinking it on an empty stomach is harmful. So you can try having it with food instead.
Tabi P.
Yes as it will often make you feel fuller than you are preventing you from having a proper meal to give your body the energy it needs!
Joshua X.
Drinking coffee before eating anything makes me jittery, so yes. It is bad to drink a lot of coffee before I’ve eaten anything.
Jackie F.
Yes. It is. Coffee gives you caffeine but it’s also not super healthy and may make you less hungry. But that means that you’ll get hungry quicker. So I don’t recommend drinking a lot of coffee before eating anything.
Alice I.
Well, I can say that drink coffee with an empty stomach hurt because the need for water increases and can cause tachycardia. It's Better drink coffee during or after the meal.
Frida Z.
As far as I know, going to extremes is not good even if what we may do or eat is "healthy". Coffee in moderationay be good because it contains antioxidants but bear in mind it has caffeine which may make you end up in a sort of addictive circle. If you refer to the morning, why not hydrating your body first with just pure water? Water is so simple and so beneficial for us. Your skin, your organs, your whole body and mind will be really grateful! Try and start your day detoxifying yourself before eating or drinking anything else!
Livia P.
In my opinion drinking a lot of coffee is a bad habit because coffee contain caffeine which stimulate our brain activity so intake of too much coffee leads to several health problems
Christian W.
Im not entirely sure because I’m not someone who drinks coffee often but I feel supporting your body with food before drinking coffee is healthier. This is to do with the biology behind it, coffee blocks our sleep hormones, we don’t want this to happen too often or it will ruin our sleep schedule. Food helps you process coffee, therefore I feel it’s probably best to have food with your coffee. 🙂