Do you prep breakfasts for the week?

Gregor Y.
Not entirely, I do find two things I want for breakfast when I grocery shop. That way I can grab what I need and in the mornings it's a quick decision with a quick breakfast. I tend to stay simple with things like oatmeal or smoothies.
Alexandra P.
Yes, it is easy to go to the supermarket and buy a big tub of Greek yogurt and some fruits you enjoy and make them up in tubs with granola and honey
Zebosk N.
yes, buying a box of oat, a dozen bananas then freeze them, a box of 30 eggs and keeping them in the fridge, and so. helps to avoid wasting time lining up in the supermarket
Joe J.
Not really prepping them but I do make sure I have all the ingredients in my fridge. Maybe not for a full week but at least a few days. I like to eat musli cereals with fruit and yogurt. Light and fresh
Miau O.
Personally, I don't, as I have a quick cereals breakfast routine. But I thought about starting to create my very own cereal mix and pack small portions for everyday to make sure that the same nutrients are in every portion. Depends on the kind of breakfast you have i guess 🙂
Noelle A.
I do not prep breakfast for the week, but I do keep my breakfasts simple, quick to make, and filling (beacuase you want that food to digest until lunch). This also depends on your day to day life, if you are a busy person meal prep may be a good choice but if you have the time it's a really nice feeling to be able to enjoy the food you make while it's fresh.
Neli A.
No, but I buy the supplies beforehand and I always make sure I have options for the next they, I'm not really a breakfast person so I never know If I'll be able to handle eggs or If its betrer to grab some fruit, yoghurt or a salad.
Maria L.
Actually no .. these days I already have enough time to wake up and prepare my breakfast but if I don't have time I will definitely wake up earlier or just plan it from the previous day
Becky W.
I dont, I have 2 kids and I just can't seem to find the time for it and ive never really found anything helpful about it to start. I wish I did though, I think it would definitely help.
Clenira A.
Yup, i mostly prepare my own breakfast, especially now that im working from home, before i used to buy my breakfast in convenience stores as im on my way to work
Nitika X.
No, however, at times I prepare the things needed for breakfast the night before. As my workday breakfast involves a smoothie, I do not need to meal prep it.