With low GI food(s) what is the best option for quick meal prep? Depending on your muscle mass/body fat ratio, I say it’s oats mixed with protein powder and milk, (though add the protein powder after you cook the oats with the milk). You can get the 90-second microwaveable satchels from your local supermarket or mall.

Billy P.
I say it's anything you crave, in the morning I have banana and potatoes most of the time but sometimes it's chocolate or bread
Joshua F.
Kroger has these quick-rice packet things that make it easy to eat low-GI foods. I like the 90-second black beans, rice, and quinoa mixture divided into three servings. I add a couple hard boiled eggs for protein.
Juvena N.
Either 2 slices of bread or 1 English muffin toasted,eggs and cheese. Depending on hand layered with avocado, tomato, or some other random topping.
Caridad G.
Why ask a question you already have an answer for? Obsess about spiritual matters. Your body is perfect. Love yourself.
P.s. stop sending me these stupid questions.
Ralph R.
I say a fruit is good supplementing that, along with an egg or two. They provide vitamines, fibres and extra protein in a natural way.