Anyone have some good ideas for breakfast that don’t take too much preparation and are tasty?

Ruby U.
I normally just have bread to save time but others prefer toast if you want to be quick maybe get all the ingredients out on the side so in the morning you can easily access them the same with everything for the next day
Raul S.
My go to is yougurt with granola, or toast with a fruit on the side. This morning j had enough time for eggs, toast, and orange juice. Eat things that will fuel your body for the day.
Keely F.
My favorite breakfast is avocado toast! I toast two pieces of bread, cut up an avocado, smear it on the toast, and add little dashes of salt, pepper, and hot sauce!
Blake J.
I love some instant porridge – takes two minutes in the microwave and is really good. You can add anything you want to it: berries, honey, banana. While the time is running is perfect for doing another part of your morning routine as well!
Kevin Z.
This is what I do when I need a quick breakfast: I mix milk with some oatmeal into a bowl and then I mix some banana pieces with it.
Miranda O.
I have a few ideas 🙂

1. Toast with peanut butter or almond butter, bananas, flax seeds, granola, and chia seeds drizzled with honey (1 banana makes 2 slices of toast)

2. Over easy eggs, turkey bacon, and toast with a side of fruit.

3. Any fruit smoothies! Have fun and be creative (sneak in some veggies such as spinach- u can’t taste it)