Can a solids breakfast be replaced by a liquids breakfast? For example a protein shake.

Adam U.
While it’s good to get protein, it’s ideal to eat something you actually have to chew. This causes the brain to register that you’ve eaten, and you’ll get a greater feeling of satiety.
Lucas Y.
Yes. Smoothies and shakes are a great way to get protein, healthy carbs and fats and even vegetables! Stay away from just protein powder and water and instead, blend up your protein powder with a banana, a cup of milk, a tablespoon of peanut butter, a handful or two of spinach (you can’t taste it, promise) and a few ice cubes. The combinations are endless. Not to mention if your crunched for time, bend up a shake or smoothie, put it in a to-go cup and you’re out the door in no time!
Joe U.
I’ll have a liquid breakfast if I’m not feeling like eating in the morning. Usually do to stress and/or small amount of sleep.
Domingas Q.
Yes, I believe it can. As long as you feel like it was enough food and it makes you feel good. Breakfast is a kick starter meal and can be anything that helps you start your day well.
Ehrhard X.
I do not tried liquid breakfasts, for me it is important for breakfast to be warm or hot. Maybe because I used to it. I afraid that after that kind of breakfast I will want to eat something more. Also , liquid breakfasts are not so tasty with coffee or tea. I love taste of coffee with, for example , half-boiled egg, or full-grain toast with cheese – they both taste differently with coffee
Alexandros R.
I believe it is ok to replace a solids breakfast with a liquids breakfast. I think it is really important to add a lot of nutrition to those or smoothies. It is important to add fresh ingredients such as spinach, avocado, fresh berries, and real juices with no sugar added. There are a variety of smoothies you can make in the morning. One of my favorites is what we call the smoothie. It is made with some frozen mango, a quarter of an avocado, and full of spinach, some spirulina, hemp powder for protein, and topped off with an apple juice base. It's so sweet, no one would even expect the avocado and spinach!
Johan E.
No, it can't. Eating a solid breakfast keeps me energised for longer and I enjoy taking my time to sit down for a meal.
Angela U.
If the goal of eating breakfast is to give your body fuel then I think a protein shake works fine! Plus, in terms of developing healthy habits, committing to a protein shake seems much more manageable than saying you'll cook for yourself every morning, especially if you're trying to develop the habit of eating breakfast as a person who currently runs out the door without eating.
Waln Ria T.
While liquid meals can seem like a convenient on-the-go meal replacement, depending on your dietary needs, they may also be harmful to your health. One of the biggest problems is that we make too frequent of a habit replacing our entire meals with these shakes and in turn end up losing out on some of the most valuable and necessary aspects of the foods. Much of the essential fiber and other crucial elements are lost when switching to liquids meals. Unless you are trying to lose weight, these shakes should rarely be meal replacements but instead they should be supplemental nutrition.
Raul B.
I think that it can. For example if you’re in a hurry and you don’t have time to eat breakfast, you should at least drink a liquids breakfast. It’s better than nothing!
Karla Z.
I think a liquid breakfast can replace a solid breakfast because if you are still getting the nutrients and proteins you need, it is perfect
Johan C.
I think it can but not on a regular basis. Balance is the key!
Terri Y.
I think some days a protein shake in place of a solid breakfast can be okay. In the sense that it’s better than a doughnut or not eating breakfast at all. I wouldn’t let protein shakes replace a solid breakfast everyday.
Thibault Z.
Yes but it's better to also have a handful of nuts or fruit with it. Just drinking a shake makes me feel like I haven't eaten anything, then more likely to eat more later
William G.
It can. Although I don't do it nor do I recommend doing it. Breakfast or Break-fast isn't necessarily about when you it but what you eat. Doing IF I'd rather have a nutrition rich meal and something solid. I do a fresh piece of fruit and some granola. Foods that will fill me and help keep me full longer. If I want to supplement with a protein shake or bar I do it for lunch or an afternoon snack instead of a bag of chips.
But breakfast is a meal of solid foods to keep me going all day.
Haroldo Q.
Yes For some people possibly, but I need something to chew in order to satisfy my breakfast cravings