What do you recommend for quick breakfast ideas?

Shiquita O.
Hey there! Quick breakfast ideas for me are boiled eggs also eggs with any toppings you like put in a muffin tin and baked for quick grab and go are great! If you don't like eggs overnight oatmeal is quick. And I found several ideas on Pinterest to be helpful. Wishing you the best on your journey!
Jake Q.
I am a father of a two year old with a baby on the way and I work full time so I understand this struggle! I wake up before everyone in the house, get a glass of water and come round. By the time everyone else is up I make us all breakfast. Usually an omelette with fruit. If I have to leave early I will tend to make some porridge and throw a hanfull of blueberries in with it or slice up a banana to put in it 😁
Jesus B.
Well scrambled eggs with addition of some veggies and some cheese next to it with a cup of coffee is such a happiness 🤍
Diana O.
Oat meal! If you are in a hurry put some milk and oats in a bowl and microwave for a few minutes, then add some toppings like fruits, nuts or seeds and peanut butter
Henry B.
I like to take half an avocado, make a little more space around where the pit was, crack an egg into it, season it, add cheese, and set it in the convection oven/air fryer until the egg is cooked a bit and the cheese melts. I take the rest of the avocado I scooped out and toss it into a smoothie with frozen berries and oat milk.
Nataka C.
French toast its very quick only mix milk,egg and cinnamon put it on the pan and done you can eat it with fruits or peanut butter or jam anything you like it doesnt have to be always sweet version if you dont like sweet taste in morning then i recommend eggs obviously anyhow it doesnt have to be the boring scrambled eggs be creative also smoothie in the morning are great and quick a mostly love with banana and peanut butter or with raspberries, spinach, pear and avocado it doesnt sound best but trust its one of the best smoothies i ever had you can add some strawberries too