I am doing Intermittent fasting what should I take to break my fast?

Leonard Z.
Whole foods, veg, fruit, nuts, unprocessed stuff. The main thing is to not eat loads as your system needs time to readjust …little and often will allow to adapt and reduce the chance of refeeding syndrome.

Jane F.
I think it's ok to eat an apple or a banana or any other fruit because u can't spend ur day with no breakfast especially when u have to focus or move in ur day

Ritthy C.
I believe that if you're trying to break out of it, you should eat something small until you feel comforable eating the amount of food you used to eat. It is really helpful and can also be healthy and make your fasting worth it!

Idavide Q.
If you are doing intermittent fasting after breakfast, a good idea is to take whole grain products (to consume lots of fibers and unsaturated carbohydrates) such as an oatmeal for breakfast. An additional option is to consume nuts (e.g. almonds, walnuts or cashew nuts). To consume a proper amount of unsaturated fats and fibers. Add some green tea to drink.

But I would advice you to do intermittent fasting with inclusion of the night since it is easier to maintain. So for example fast between 5 pm and 9 am.

Giulia A.
I have never done it, but I think fruits and vegetables are "allowed" during fasting as mostly sugar and water. Don't be too hard on yourself though!

Ida Y.
From my experience, fruits and vegetables are very helpful to make you feel full. A full and healthy breakfast would give you energy for many hours. Try also drinking water before each meal and during the rest of the day. Don't eat a lot and feel full, eat regularly but small amounts. I hope these are helpful!

Jonathan Z.
I'm going to be honest. I've never tried it before. But I think you should try to eat a little bit earlier. Once you feel hunger, go eat something. If your going to work or school, being a lunchbox with you, so you have less excuses to hold on for extra One out two hours. And remember, you are breaking a habit, doing such is really hard, so dont feel overwhelmed if you dont break it at the first time. Give time to your body to normalize your eating routine, and after some time, it should be back to normal. Good luck!

Lillian F.
I would recommend a cup of yogurt with granola, seeds and nuts, some fruit like an apple or an orange, couple of glasses of water and coffee/tea with a slice of whole wheat bread with a topping of your choice.

Otniel Z.
Depending on how long to have been fasting could effect the food you take to break your fast. I would advice a fruit/ vegetable smoothie or some food that is water based eg watermelon or cucumber would also work. I hope this helped

Deelan O.
this depends mainly on your goals, if it is mainly to burn fat you may want to skip anything with carbs to keep your body using fat as an energy source for longer and drink ACV or lemon juice to get digestion started. If however, you're goal is to gain muscle or for longevity you may want to start the day with protein, lean meat would be a great statt

L Cio Z.
Break your fast with fruits always: they are full of vitamins and are easier to digest, it's like starting with easier exercises when working out.

Ana I.
Always drink water and eat fruit to break your fast. If you're eating a larger meal, make sure you eat a lot of natural vitamins.

Betty J.
There is more than just one answer I could give you. Honestly, get yourself excited every morning by seeing the sunrise while drinking a glass of water or a cup of coffee. Then do some stretches with breathing excercises. Your stomach might then growl. Same could be applied when it's close to lunch/dinner. Those night snacks? Try drinking a glass of water. Sometimes our stomach and our mind tricks us that we are hungry when really we're thirsty.