Do you have any other good healthy recipes for breakfast?

Estelle O.
My breakfast is usually simply just milk bread with jam, fried eggs with light salt or soy sauce. Enough nutrients for a breakfast IMO. 😀

Prisca E.
My favourite breakfasts are either porridge with a splash of jam in n it or a smoothie. This varies to either a smoothie full of summer berries and tropical fruits. To being banana oat and peanut butter. It completely depends on my mood

Alberte Z.
I love having breakfast wraps or burritos. Cooking up some ground chicken or beef in advance with any seasoning. Then you can customize your wraps. Some days I put avocado and tomatoes or cheese and peppers. Other days rice and mushrooms. It’s very customizable and also can be super quick by just adding the meat and a sauce.

Samruddhi O.
There are always many options to go through. Say oats in the morning along with an apple or a banana. Maybe a plate of poha with a cup of coffee or green tea. Or maybe brown bread with peanut butter and warm milk

Natalie F.
Since I work at Jenny Craig, I have one of our high protein breakfast sandwiches, cottage cheese and a low sodium v8 juice. It's packed with protein and satisfying until lunch time.

Paul P.
Yoghurt with fruit (banana, apple, grapes, pear) or cruesli. But bread with zuivelspread and cucumber/tomatoes. Or eggs boiled or baked with vegetables.

Charissa O.
I love this morning smoothie
Strong coffee-made night before and frozen in ice cube tray (this will be your ice)
8 ounces almond milk
1 tablespoon flax meal
1/4 cup oats
1 banana
A serving of chocolate protein powder
1 teaspoon of honey
1/8 teaspoon of cinnamon


Maria E.
Any smoothie really will work, especially if you don't add sugar and let the sweetness come from the berries and fruits you use. The internet is full of options so do some googling and try the ones that sound best to you/fit your budget. I haven't done one for a while, but strawberry-mint was my favorite when I had such busy mornings I always took a smoothie with me. Also: adding yogurt and milk OR water will do just fine, if you want it to be frozen you can prep everything the night before and put the fruits in the freezer and just pop them into the blender in the morning. Also try adding different seeds into your smoothie or yogurt, like sunflower, chia or pumpkin etc. They are super healthy I hear. Aside from yogurt/smoothie I eat one boiled egg and some bread with cheese in the morning and consider that healthy for me

Andreea C.
Oatmeal with milk, honey, cinnamon, bananas and apples. Is really good. And I love to have eggs for breakfast like scrambles eggs with a salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and salad. Really tasty!! 😋😍

Izzy N.
my favorite thing to eat for breakfast is just and simple over easy egg, half and avocado with salt and pepper, and buttered toast. some mornings i’ll make myself a mixed fruit smoothie with honey and a plant based meal replacement powder to make sure i don’t over eat but still get all my daily nutrients

Erna P.
I like to make blood sausage with garlic and onion and make a thin bread toast with melted goat cheese in the oven, you can also add tomato sauce to the base of the toast and add oreganon after melting the cheese in the oven

Nicky O.
On Sunday mornings, I usually have a cup of fruit and yogurt. Today: half an apple in small chunks, three spoons of plain yogurt, a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds on to. Delicious!

C Lian Y.
Rice waffles with slices of avocado and egg. For more flavor you can add ham and/or herb butter. Put a bit of pepper on top and you're done.

Miccaela Z.
I do instant oatmeal and throw in some trail mix. If you don’t like instant oatmeal, you could try one of the various overnight oats recipes. That way it’s ready to go in the morning.

Jay U.
A great idea for healthy breakfast is pancakes. You only need three ingredients: a cup of oats, one banana and one egg. You mix all of them together and then you add your favourite toppings. Enjoy!😋

Nikolaj G.
Oat bread. 2 spoonfuls of oats, an egg white, a bit of yoghurt. Mix it all and microwave it for 1 to 2 mins, in a container wide enough to allow for the mixture to be spread out just thick enough so it doesn't break, but not too thick that it won't cook. Use it as a wrap or add toppings to it just like a pancake

Tiago Z.
Boiled eggs with avocado toast. But the great part is to eat a fruit half an hour before the actual breakfast. This is how I wake up my body and make my stomach ready for what comes))

Cyndy O.
Hey! I have a few quick and delicious recipes I recommend: Yoghurt x fruit x chia smoothies (Thick and filling!) , Boiled Eggs and Toast (simple but very nutrious), Avocado toast (top it with feta cheese, or even bacon to load it up more!) And overnight Oats are an awesome food, even for on the go! If you need any Veg options, then 3/4 of these would work 🙂

Izabella Z.
Hi! I make breakfast sandwiches! First I put a little bit of oil in a pan then I toast two pieces of bread when they are done I fry an egg I wait until the egg is easy to slide around to flip it then I also cook a sausage patty when everything is done I put them all together then I pour a glass of milk and then I go eat!