What’s a good way to make healthy breakfasts more exciting? I am prone to just planning the same thing to eat each morning and then get bored and decide to eat something less healthy after a few days.

Harold T.
I do the same thing – 90% of the time I eat the same breakfast – oats, yoghurt and berries. So, I like to have one or two other breakfasts I keep saved – like scrambled eggs with vegetables and whole wheat toast. Something easy to make that’s a bit different, but still healthy. That breaks up the routine without breaking the routine.

Then also from time to time, my partner makes French toast or I eat a big breakfast at a cafe, because fun is important too.

Lu Y.
Freeze diced/chopped veggies and fruits in small portions and use different kinds each morning, in omelettes, sandwiches, burritos, overnight oats and even smoothies. You can freeze small portions of healthy treats too like low-sugar homemade muffins for example. Frozen pureed banana with no other ingredients makes for a creamy ice cream. You can look up ideas online for healthy and quick breakfasts, there's many lists of 5-minute breakfasts or more sophisticated things to prepare over the weekend and freeze. A great habit is making a list of healthy breakfasts and pin it to the fridge, and allways try to keep your pantry and freezer stocked for them so you can choose each night what you'll eat in the morning and thaw whatever you need.
Layla J.
Say to yourself or out loud or even note it down, if I go off the rails I can always get back on track however don’t get upset about going off track just move on from it.
Matilde N.
I think that variety is key, as well as combining a fruit and protein food. On top of that, arranging beforehand different breakfast menus will help to always have stock and never run out of the ingredients for your morning meal.
Sam F.
You’re already prone to planning your breakfast for the week. You might as well plan 2 or 3 different breakfasts at the same time and just alternate between them.
Ida Z.
Try eating the same thing as many different ways as you can. For example, have yogurt and berries for the week, but challenge yourself with creative plating. One day in a bowl, another on a plate, another in a mason jar, then again in a mug. Forcing yourself to be creative with something that's not the food can take away the monotony of eating the same thing every day.
Gustav Z.
There are more advise I would like to give you. My first advise starts at the supermarket. Instead of thinking of a certain dish, try to just buy a variety of vegetables and healthy products that you like, and also some herbs. If you buy milk products like yogurt I recommend bying frozen berries instead of jam, and with the products, if you set of some time in the morning, try to forget your narrow thoughts of what breakfast is. Try something new. Do not care if it’s not “breakfast-ish”. Just make some intuitive choices based on the healthy choices you made in the supermarket. The other advise is to try to challenge yourself with new ingredients, that you normally don’t eat or buy.
Demi N.
Try adding in new things to your meal or cooking it differently. Also, make it look more enticing to eat. For say, lots of colors will make the meal a lot brighter and could even boost its nutritional value.
Jane Z.
Keep the base the same and keep mixing the toppings. Eg: omelette toppings, flavours for yoghurts. This allows you to have a steady stable breakfast food with a variety of flavours
Jana Na Q.
Having a few healthy choices that you can switch up helps. For example, I always have a protein, fruit, and a carbohydrate, but I change how I prepare and season them. For example, you can fry or scramble eggs and add different ingredients to change the taste, or fry up ham that you can double for use in sandwiches. With carbs I have toast, oatmeal, potatoes, or beans. For fruit, I go with a banana, apple, or any fruit I may have picked up that week. The key is to choose things that take about the same amount of time to prepare every morning (and some stuff that's quick and easy for mornings where you just can't be bothered). I also try to get an idea of what I'm going to have the night before and make sure the ingredients are prepped and ready the night before so I just have to open the fridge in the morning to get started. Hope this helps!
Wulf M.
What you say is completely normal. However, in order to keep being motivated you can plan your breakfast for each day of the week by getting ideas either on YouTube or Pinterest. That way you're gonna get some healthy and at the same time fun and exciting ideas that you will look forward to make. Moreover, what can really help is when you write down your meals remember to write the ingredients that you will need too. So when you'll go grocery shopping you'll have exactly what you need to buy on your list. Extra tip: if you aren't such a morning person and you find yourself more creative and motivated in the afternoon, you can meal prep from the night before so that you won't have to do a lot the following morning🌄 Really hope that you'll find my advices helpful and stick to a healthy lifestyle without getting bored🥳 wish you the best 🥰
Mohamed X.
For me, it starts with shopping. Do not buy one type of fruit, buy 3, same with yougurt for example, so when you make a fruits with yougurt you will have 3 or more mix and matches to choose from everyday. A drizzle of honey, handful of nuts adds layers and different texture and flavours that makes the meal more interesting. For me, different types of fruits, yogurts, nuts together with oats, nuts and honey are the basis. You can also try cooked fava beans with veggies (it is a middle eastern breakfast item with is full of protein and is interesting), also some days I add a slice of brown toast, with light cheese and smooked turkey ham or one fried egg as a post-breakfast snack or with breakfast
Diane O.
I’m buying other cereal and fruit so I have variety of breakfast food and fruit. I am also adding boiled eggs into my breakfast routine.
Avi T.
I guess you could mix it up with different ingredients, apples, oranges, mangoes, anything that gives you a little boost. I have oatmeal in the mornings sometimes it plain or I add peaches or any other fruit.
Claire N.
To make breakfast more exciting, I like to play around with spices. Having the same eggs with salt and pepper everyday just isn’t enough for me. I’ve played around with hot sauce, garlic, basil, parsley, various cheeses, and tomatoes! Spice it up!
Yalin F.
I plan my breakfasts too but to keep it interesting, I have 3-4 brekkies that I prepare and I alternate every other day so it’s not the same thing twice in a row unless I want it!
Jade N.
With my breakfast, I believe that toppings are key. I like to add fresh berries or melons, nut butters, yogurts, seeds and nuts on top of mine. My go to breakfasts are: Oatmeal, Overnight Oats, Smoothie Bowls, Eggs (boiled or poached), Healthy pancakes (Banana, Oats & Egg) and smoothies.
Sally Y.
Change your breakfast. Eat everyday something different and new. On monday eggs, on tuesday yogurt and fruit, on wednesday fruit juice and cookies, and then back to eggs, and then some bread and ham and so on. I love having breakfast and I found out only few months ago. Before I used to have always milk and cookies for breakfast and in less than one hour I used to feel weak and in need for sugar
Sigfried S.
I think we should always eat something healthy to boost up our body and mornings but having different choices to not get bored, like changing kind of fruits and drinks or like blend it and drink it rather than eat them or even a plain breakfast like a tea and an apple when we don’t have enough time.
Tracey C.
I feel this…something I like to do is take breakfast staples and switch it up. I love toast and some days I’ll have toast with a poached egg, toast with avocado and fruit ok the side, toast with some cheese and bacon and an egg when I’m feeling extra…toast with peanut butter when I want something sweet…or sometimes just plain toast with butter when I’m craving it! Rather than categorize my meals as “healthy” or “unhealthy” I just try to honor what my body wants. Most of the time I want something filling, fueling, and a lil savory. Although…some days I just do want a bowl of sweet cereal. It’s all about balance and forgiveness!
Adrian N.
You should try diversity. Oat whole grain with almond/coconut milk, pumpkin seeds, nuts, raisins and coconut flakes. Toasted whole grain bread with smashed avocado and eggs. Whole grain with greek yoghurt and seeds. Toasted whole grain bread with Peanut butter and bananas. Barley whole grain with almond/coconut milk mixed with banana in a blender. Toasted whole grain bread with omelette, Tomatoes, red pepper, olives and smoked salmon. And then you can try to adapt these ingredients to your style. What matters the most is to keep going on and never taking into consideration as an option to eat less healthy food. Small steps forward or stand your ground but never backwards. I believe you have the power to do this
Lo S Y.
Think of something you haven’t had in a while, or something you have not done. Maybe try something new & spice things up.
Kartik F.
Hi, I would like to add my two cents to your question. Healthy food doesn't equate to bland food and unhealthy food in moderation once in a whole doesn't hurt.however,the best way to make food exciting is trying new recipes,mixing and matching flavours and definitely make condiments and seasoning your best friend.and try avoiding sugars as much as possible because suagary foods do tend to start feeling mundane very soon.try savoury flavours instead. Hope this helps you.
Kevin P.
Changing the recipe or finding other quick healthy things to make. Sometimes even making it sweeter on other day’s or with supplements for different flavors.
Even sometimes adding new items to make it more exciting is a good idea
Herminia E.
Find something you like and make variations of it if you're afraid to get bored. You shouldn't force yourself to eat something you don't really care about eating. You can go step by step to make your breakfast healthier, if you change too radically you won't stick to it. For example, if you like oversugared cereals with milk, you could change the milk to a vegetal one, get used to the taste/texture before changing cereals towards something less sugared but still crunchy, then something with nuts instead of chocolate, then a mix of the crunchy cereals with non crunchy ones, then only non crunchy, with chopped fruits added, etc. You could even prepare your muesli yourself. The point is find something you enjoy, even if it's not perfectly healthy.
Brittany F.
I like to use different fruits so whether it be pancakes with fruit instead of syrup, or parfait with granola and fruit or me using some of my healthy leftovers to make a new type of omelet. I just like to mix things up and try different things because I get bored easy to with healthy stuff. Just keep it with your fruits your milks some greens and you can always add protein in with eggs
Andrea O.
In my case, I try having at least four options for breakfast at home. Two fruits I love and two more substantial options, like yoghurt and sugar-free cereals. Then, I choose a fruit, a substantial option (on which I sprinkle poppy seeds for extra fiber and protein levels) and a third option that is always a bit savory, like slices of cheese or salami, pickles.
Dixi O.
Try different foods go on Pinterest look at different options try eggs and toast one day and then try an apple with some turkey
Lu Sa C.
I like to add my own little personal flare to the food I make. If I’m making eggs, I might get creative by adding different seasonings or if I’m making a smoothie I’ll try different fruit combinations. For me, it’s the experimenting that makes it fun. Hope this helps!
Leslie O.
I eat oatmeal everyday for breakfast, I mash up a banana in it, add a bit of protein and lastly, and this is the fun part, berries. When I warm up my oatmeal, I get my bag of frozen berries out and drop them in the mix. To keep things fun though, I sometimes choose different type of frozen fruits. Sometimes it's tropical mix and other times it would be only blueberries. One more thing to mix things up is adding almonds or even changing the flavor of the protein.
Ceren F.
I'm trying to find new recipes and then i feel more motivated for having healty breakfast. There are lots of recipes even for boiled egg. Dont give up, find a new way🌸
Ruben F.
Create a menu of yummy, healthy options that you can rotate through—preferably ones with little to no prep, if you're like me! Some basics are: eggs with toast, oatmeal with fruit, a greek yogurt parfait, and even a bagel once in a while, provided you have some cream cheese and fruit to go with it. Make sure to have all of these options stocked in your fridge. For more ideas, Google is your best friend. You can do it!
Lloyd S.
It's good to have a good mixture of fruit and nuts. Porridge or Oatmeal gives you energy. An occasional Turkey Rasher is good too.
Marius N.
Always choice fruit and vegetables that are in season. They are more likely to be fresh hence more flavour. Or if not in season use frozen. Fruit and vegetsbles are a great way to add sweet or sour taste and interesting textures making food more appealing. Also add dried seeds and nuts too bring crunchy texture. Avocado mangos ripe or unripe all add to texture too. Food should be a pleasurable experience and fresh produce allows this and at the same time provide a healthy choice too!
Minxy T.
Load up on healthy ingredients for you to choose from and make a list of possible dishes. Make the list easily visible in your kitchen like on your fridge for example. This way when you are ready for breakfast you can look at your menu, make your selection and get to it. Remember to cross out anything you have run out of ingredients for. If your budget is healthy you may want to make the list first and buy everything you need. If your budget is more restricted, choose the ingredients you are able to get and then make your menu. Example. Strawberries, blueberries wheat bread, eggs, avocado milk, oatmeal, yogurt. Menu: oatmeal and fruit, parfait, boiled eggs over avocado toast, smoothie, scrambeled eggs, overnight oats, fruit salad. Etc. 😉
Heidrun O.
You can spice it up, literally! Add cinnamon for yoghurt and alternate between paprika powder, curry powder, italian herbs and fresh herbs for an omelet
Telma P.
Hi, lately I have been eating a bowl of granola and yogurt, with honey! And I eat fast so I don’t feel the need of eating anything else.