What do you love about your body?

Salma J.
I have a problem with the way to love my body , l am always seeking to change its shape, also scared form eating and gaining weight ☹😭
Tshiamo Z.
What I love about my body, is my body shape, proportion and height. My body has great potential to be shaped into great shape with minimal effort.
Kaja N.
When asking about Real love – i would say i love that my body works as it should and makes things completed all the time. It Does that in a complicated way and i dont need to know all about that to be regenerated for example. The body Just knows better 🙂
Arjun X.
Everything. I am in control of my body, for which I'm grateful. If I want to be fit, I can put in the hours and work for it. If I want to be fat, I can slog and eat all day.
The pimples and body aches are temporary so they aren't a bother.
On the other hand I wish I took better care of my hair and wasn't such a stiff. But these things are trivial to me unless I'm trying to cast a good first impression.
Hope that answered your question! 😀
Donald G.
I love that I am stronger than I thought. I love I can drop weight rather quickly and get more definition in my stomach. I love… that my skin is soft. I love that my body kept me healthy and I love that I’m good at sports
Elo Se I.
I love the safety and security it gives me when I bring mindful attention to my body. I love how it serves as a home for my Spirit for my entire life. I love my bodies physical capabilities, recognizing that my physical abilities arent something to be taken for granted.
Bibo O.
I love how it survived so much sickness and so much abuse from me and my parents, I love how it still stands and willing to help me live better although I tend to throw it off a cliff of bad habits every once in a while, it survived being infected with the virus and my hair grew back even though I have a severe case of trichotillomania a
Emily W.
Probably nothing, I'm not that negative but I don't love any part of my body. Part of it is my fault because I haven't exercised a lot since the pandemic started, and I developed a small beer belly. I'm also short so that doesn't help my self-confidence, so I'm in a kinda bad place regarding my body for a long time now.
Yong R.
Even though there is imperfection throughout my body, but I love my body no matter what and will keep improving. Imperfection is what makes us unique.
Pedro F.
I don't want to say that I hate my body completely ,really I have some troubles with him , but I try to improve him as I can .
Sorry for this bad English because Iam speaking Arabic 😊❤️
Karyl S.
I actually hate my body more than I love it, but if I think deeply, what I really love about my body is how it’s regarded as huggable. One that can give comfort despite being awkward. My hands despite being big and warm for a girl, could make great bread, cakes, and other pastries. I’ve also learned how to love my natural curly/wavy hair after about 10 yrs of treatment for it to be straight. I lowkey love my eyes, despite it being empty sometimes. Since it shows a lot more of the emotions I try to hide, and also the pure joy I feel. I’m still learning to love my body as a whole, but I think for now this is enough. I am enough.
Raina N.
I love pretty much everything about it. It took me a while but I really do like my body. I guess it’s more a neutral tone. It does a lot for me and it’s pretty but even besides that I recognize that’s it’s normal and something that everybody has. So I feel good and neutral about it.
Iohana F.
I love the fact that it is resilient, i am strong, tall and even tho i stopped working out and taking care of it all together these past few years it has always been there to take me places. I don't always look at myself at the mirror and like what I see but I have to praise my body and myself for going through tough times and be willing to improve. By the end of the day ourselves is all we have. I may aswell become the coolest version of myself 😎
Kam R.
I like that I’m becoming more in-shape for dance, and getting my flexibility back. Since I quit competition, my skills have diminished a bit, but now, I’ve been able to get some of my ability back.
Addie T.
I love how I feel good in my own skin and how i’m not afraid to show my body off every now and then. We all have those days where we really don’t feel ourselves and lack that sense of confidence, but once you get it back your on top of the world. Nobody’s bringing you back from that. The special thing about our bodies are that they are our own. No one else has a body like you or me and I think that is pretty amazing.
Lia E.
I love almost everything about it now. For a while I hated it and even starved myself to achieve a certain body type but I've realised that many other factors made it impossible for me to look like someone else exactly , for example bone structure and metabolism. But I've realised that all my body is doing is just trying to keep me alive and the least I could do is give it fuel ,so food and be healthy instead of looking a specific way.
Penny O.
I love everything about my body. Last year, 2020… I got to appreciate myself more than never. I can now look at the mirror without telling myself that I'm ugly. I no longer find my stretch marks and visible vains ugly because those are my beauty marks. I have overcome my insecurities and I'm proud of myself.
Brandon I.
I love its capability to overcome challenges, to learn new skills, to resist pain. I love the fact that I can trust it. I have to work more on loving its aesthetics, but I definitely love its abilities, and will keep working on improving every day.
Eliise W.
I believe my eyes although greyish, blueish, greenish in color, what is basic in my region are extremely loved and noticed. My legs are built strong. I cycle a lot, so belive that i should be confident about my hard work. My collarbone hands and neck are getting fitter and more feminen, regardless i love, loved and will love them. My head, face ,ears, all of it should deserve love. Also my hair that is slowly turning to more defined loose waves needs love too , to figure out it's ways and waves. My back and stomach need to be extra loved as i am focusing a lot of my hard work on them. My internal organs and everything in my is doing lovely and I need to appreciate and love them . My mind is getting better and day by day i see the small wins. That means I love it all , from the bottoms of my feet, to my palms/hands and fingertips all the way to the highest point of my head. If bad times hit i should keep this letter in mind❤️.
Patr Cia E.
I love the fact that I can walk and see, I love my little eyes and my little mouth and I would say that I also love my body fully even though sometimes I forget about it.
Eva O.
It helps me be myself the way I want it to be. It controls everything i do, it helps me do things each day such as eating, moving, etc. I love my body the way it is and I won’t let anyone change that.