What is your favorite breakfast for a lazy morning?

Ad Le Y.
I always love a good scrambled egg with just a little bit of cheese. Sometimes I'll just make egg whites but when I'm feeling more daring then usual. Also sometimes I'll make a bowl of Special K cereal with Oat or Almond milk.
Dora P.
I usually just have cereal (Cheerios usually) and variations of (like poridge which I don't eat be my roommate does) on lazy mornings because it's easy to prepare and eat. But sometimes I treat myself to a fruit shake/smoothie which is even easier and healthier.
Manuel F.
In my culture we have different types of breakfast made from milk. Such as cheese, butter and… . They are perfect with honey or some nuts
Cristina N.
mi piace fare colazione, sperimentare con gli ingredienti per ottenere un determinato risultato e partire con energia.
non ne ho una preferita, l’importante è la varietà e la creatività.
J G.
Recently I have began to eat breakfast every morning and I had a large banana with a spoonful of peanut butter. Not only was it good but it filled me up and it took 2 seconds to make.