I stick with my routine very easily on the weekdays but weekends derail very quickly. How do you stick with your routine over the weekends when things become more flexible?

Charlotte J.
So you see I'm basically motivated for sticking with my goals on the weekend too but you can just try doing it on the weekend regularly then by time you will get used to it. Remember you have to be consistent it will help you a lot.

Veronika N.
I have the same problem sticking with my routine over the weekend. I think the most important thing is not to scold yourself for your mistakes. You just have to sit down and think over the next weekend so that it becomes possible to fulfill the planned.

Ava V.
One of the best decisions I have ever made is to never change my alarm. Even on the weekends. This way, I can stick to my routines without changing them at all. To a lot of people, weekends mean late nights but to me, it means more relaxation time for my mind and body. I know it's tempting to do stuff until 3am especially on the weekends but it's not healthy. Rather we can do whatever we want to before our sleeping time. Say you really want to watch that film on a Saturday night from 9-11pm instead try to start relaxing at 7:30pm, and start watching the film from 8-10pm. It all comes down to time management really. I'm not good at it either but I'm learning just like you. Hope this helps 🙂

Swagatika Z.
I break down my big task to such a small chunks and visualise myself doing those small chunks, in that way I don't even procrastinate. After making small habit and following that for some days I add another small task to do along with that, it make me to stick to my routine as well as I stay in my comfort zone also

J Lia S.
If things are more flexible than you are too. So if you wake up later, you can still do your routine, just in a different order for example

Rebekah Q.
Try not to make it to complicated. If you just limit yourself to maybe a handful of fruit for breakfast or 5 minutes of no screentime before bed, that's enough. Just set a very small goal on the weekends and stick to that.

Benjamin U.
I eat vegetables and fruits smoothies for breakfast every morning. What can I do to cut fruits sugars and acid for a more healthy smoothie?

Gil A.
I need to keep being motivated and know that if I don’t do it everyday it will not be a pattern. I need to keep going if I want to succeed.

Ida U.
honestly it’s hard sometimes but u just have to wake up in the morning and do it and hit that goal and remind urself that u can do this

Tracy P.
Having a habit is more than just having some days off. Yes your weekends are to rest, but staying with a set routine makes it easier to stay consistent during the week too: there's no transition period going from not having a morning routine to feeling you need to get up earlier.

Nathaniel F.
On the weekends, I make sure I have water beside my bed so I can drink it soon as I get up before walking the dogs and make sure to have my cup so I can drink my protein powder