Any nice quick breakfast recipes for vegetarians?

Jacob I.
Vegan Oat and banana pancakes

– 1/2 oats
– 1 banana
– half cup plant based milk

Blend 1/2 the banana with the oats and milk, fry on a medium heat with a teaspoon of olive oil

Add toppings like blueberries or peanut butter 🥵👌

Lav Nia P.
There are so many blogs with vegetarian and vegan recipes out there, so I recommend you to check them out. When it comes to me, I really like veggie tortilla wraps. They're tasty AND healthy! But really, you should just type "vegetarian breakfasts ideas" and blogs and other sites will just pop out in huge numbers!
Rose S.
Oatmeal cooked with milk. I also love some cubed apple and cinnamon on top, making a great crispy contrast to the soft porridge