Is it healthier to eat a big breakfast or a smaller one?

Walburga U.
Well for me it depends on how hungry I am because I am use to throwing up if I end up eating more than I am hungry for so some days could be just and apple and tea and somedays pancakes with coffee or tea
Clara W.
A big breakfast is healthier. Mainly because it keeps you energised and full for the most part of your day. Try to also have a high protein breakfast.
Gina J.
I get out of bed , drink my water and then stretch. Sometimes my eyes are still closed and sometimes m do fil sun solutes yoga style. Just trying to keep promises to myself.
Margarita Y.
The most important thing is to have all the elements you need during the period from breakfast till lunch to help you focus on your work and give you energy
Natasha A.
I think it depends on what your goal is. My personal goal is to gain weight therefor for myself; a bigger breakfast is healthier for me as I’m able to get all the calories and nutrients I need and some extra before my next meal
Silas E.
A big breakfast, this ensures that even if you don’t have time to eat anything before lunch you’ll still have the nutrients you need and have the nervy to keep going
Sonia B.
It doesn't matter the quantity but the quality. Actually it doesn't matter if you have it or not, it's just a social habit with no proven benefits.
Manon Y.
Smaller breakfasts with the correct proportions. No need to stuff yourself when you can eat something filling and healthy, in my opinion.
Jos Q.
It depends of your body, if you use to eat a lot at lunchtime I would recommend you to have a big breakfast and a small portion of food at lunch
Athanasios S.
Big breakfast, but just big enough to not make you feel tired afterwards.
Everyone has his own routine and my personal experience says: big breakfast after a good morning routine (intermediate stretching with light workout to get the blood pumping after a cold shower etc etc) is a great way to get energy to start the day correctly.
Hil Ria S.
Eating your biggest meal in the morning may curb your appetite throughout the day , helping you lose weight . Research has found that people who eat a big breakfast burn twice as many calories compared with those who eat a larger dinner
Natasha A.
I think it's better to eat a bigger breakfast because it fuels your day and it keeps you more alert and full, so you don't feel like snacking throughout the day.
Maureen P.
That can depend on many factors like what your eating how much you normally eat. I prefer to eat based on how hungry i am. You dont want to eat such a big breakfast that you feel uncomfortable but you also dont want to eat a small breakfast that leaves you still hungry. It takes time but its better to listen to you body and eat accordingly.