What qualifies as a “Great Breakfast”? Must it have protein? Is toast and a coffee okay?

Karl Peter E.
Yeah you can have it but in a limit like in a week and for daily breakfast you can have fruits and vegetables cause this is very healthy for your body Thank you.
Flippy S.
A great breakfast simply means a balanced amount of all the nutrients. Although they can be in varying quantities, you can't miss them especially not protein. You add peanut butter or any nuts for some instant protein along with fruits. Happy Journey , my friend.
Eus Bia E.
I'm not sure about what is in the food, but I feel like a great breakfast is when you eat something that keeps you full till the lunch, but more important its when you take the time in the morning to sit, eat relaxed, drink a tea of water and not stress bc of time
Dores S.
The great breakfast should include protein. It Can be yogurt. It Can be eggs. It Can be peanut butter. So many good protein options!