Do you prep breakfast the day before. If so what are your favorite breakfast ideas?

Adrian X.
No, I personally don't like eating breakfast like cerial and toast, there is usually a lot of fruit in the house so I tend to have. Fruit salad either on ita own or with granola for crunch, takes max 10 minutes if you're de seeding and cutting. Otherwise, I'll opt for a heftier brunch, like avocado, salmon and poached eggs, which again is nice and easy!
Tyou N.
No, I don’t prep breakfast, because me and my husband like to slowly wake up by making it. The smell of fresh coffee and cut fruits makes me feel more optimistic. My summer favourite is a toast with fried bacon, tomatoes, peppers and onions. It is greasy, but delicious.
Crystal J.
I'm actually a light breakfast eater. I'll have a handful of mixed nuts, or an egg with toast, maybe some yogurt and fruit
Ken F.
My favourite breakfast is a cinnamon and raisin bagel gives me energy as I’m not really a breakfast kind of person. If I’m not that hungry then some lad fat yoghurt and some fruit is amazing !!
Ella Z.
So I’m recently unemployed and my schedule used to be very hectic early mornings. I got into the habit of not eating breakfast. I’m now getting into that mode. I’m planning on getting oatmeal today and some fresh fruit and eggs for next weeks breakfasts. Now that I have extra time I can make it on the spot. Lunch however I am going to plan on prepping. If I have to cook three meals a day I’ll go insane!

Hope that helps!

Natalya X.
I do. I usually boil an egg, wash some fruit or veg, take a slice of bread, some spread, arrange it all on a plate and put it on my desk, so when I wake up I just prep a hot beverage (usually coffee) n my breakfast is already waiting for me :))
Viriato S.
I like to make egg muffins to eat during the week. I usually make them Sunday evening for the whole week. It makes it where I have one less thing to do in the morning.
Debbie F.
I usually just eat some granola cereal with some milk and dried fruit but whatever works for you! Your breakfast is the most important meal of the day, make sure it’s healthy!
Erin G.
Sometimes when I can’t sleep so like to plan my meals making healthy as I can and try to cut out sugar sometimes but most of the time I wake and eat what I fancy try to make it healthy . Today I hade a home made smoothie with yogurt, milk , a few ice cubes and mango and also I had some cereal.
Alice W.
Don't really need to. Coz of isolation and all that. My fav that I'm always excited to do is a 'Nice Cream' bowl. Basically frozen banana, liquid and any fruits, seeds & nuts thrown in a blender . It's great coz always can change the taste to whatever your feeling that day (: But every day I'm trying to find new ideas !!
Casandra E.
I feel like breakfast is the one meal that should not be prepped so I cook an egg or two with a quick side of meat. And then I grab a few fresh pieces of fruit to eat while I’m cooking. But if you don’t want to wake up a little earlier, boil some eggs and cut up some fruit. Grab some almonds or an equally healthy alternative. Put them in containers and grab one on your way!
Isabella N.
It starts when I do my grocery shop. I think about things I would like to eat, and different combinations I can do with the ingredients. I can't really prep anything the night before, the fridge isn't big enough and I live with other people – but I know when I wake up in the morning I can enjoy preparing something fresh, depending on what I feel like.
Suzanne I.
Muesli! You can make a simple one by mixing yogurt, oats and your fav fruits the night before so that the oats can soften
Lyz B Z.
no i do not prep the day before. maybe i will prep for the day in the morning beause it sounds like a good idea but not the day before let me work on the actual day and see how good i do and like it and then eventually we can get to prepping the day before 🙂
Hossein F.
I usually don't prepare it the day before, but I think about what I'm gonno have and check if I got the right ingredients. Mostly different dishes with eggs (boiled, scrambled, omelettes etc.) With a few little things, like a wafer or a cookie. And of course a glass of milk.
Husna N.
I prepare breakfast things which I need the day before. Well my favourite breakfast is bread with posh egg or scrambled egg… I really like it with a cup of warm water.
Dianne Y.
My goto breakfast is high protein, high fiber cereal with fresh berries and skim milk. It takes little time to prepare and keeps me sated until lunch.
Bre K.
It depends…I just had a partial hysterectomy so while im recovering I get up and eat eggs my chickens just gave us but when I work I usually keep stuff there so I do meal prep. Im not much of a morning eater and I like to take L-theanine to help mellow my day out. You take that on an empty stomach send drink coffee while you wait for away least an for it to work it's magic.
Almerindo B.
No I don't make breakfast the night before. I usually have toast and Vegemite or bacon and eggs if my partner cooks for me. For my easy mornings I'll have some cerial and maybe a piece of fruit but only because linzey recommends that I eat. Im trying to eat eggs and healthier options in the morning
Margaret P.
I don't typically prepare my meals ahead of time, but I do plan for them in advance. I love writing a weekly meal plan and then checking things off throughout the week. it is very satisfying. I usually eat some eggs, avocado toast, or oatmeal with some fruuuuuit
Ernest J.
Usually I don't prep it beforehand, but my opinion is that oatmeal with fruits and yoghurt are a really good way to start your day.
Tracen J.
I don't prep meals. While it takes the decision making at the moment out of the equation of my day, my meals and snacks are a reflection of my day and not something I can choose ahead of time. If I wake up starving I might want eggs and toast, while if I'm not very hungry a bowl of oatmeal will suffice.

That being said, I always keep some belvita sandwiches on hand for days when breakfast is out of the question.