Any quick foods that are yummy and keep you full for half a day? I’m a teacher so it’s hard to be healthy and full at the same time.

Gimeno Y.
Hello! For me honestly fruit in general can go a long ways. I have apples a lot and they fill me up! Especially if you have them with some peanut butter or cheese.
I also love little individual yogurts! I love Chobani flips, and other brands like normal Chobanis, Yoplait, Activia, and others. You could also put some granola in some of these yogurt's for extra protein which can be more filling.
Hope these helped!

Amanda U.
Granola bars and fruits like bananas and apples are very filling. As a high school student, it can be hard to go throughout the day without a midday snack, so it's always good to have one on hand!

Seleso Q.
I don't know it this is quick enough for you or not put chicken parm all you need is meat sauce, chicken patties, spaghetti(if you want it), and cheese. So cook the chicken patties and make the spaghetti. Once the patties are done put sauce and cheese on them. I hope that helps