Any other intersting quick fixes for breakfast if you dont have much time?

Nicoline P.
I make porridge in the microwave and cook a hard boiled egg at the same time. By the time I have eaten the porridge the egg is ready. I have a satsuma or tangerine as dessert.
Miguel O.
Mix frozen berries with milk and vegetable based protein powder in a blender to make a smoothie. Pour into your favorite travel mug and go!
Marietta U.
Smoked salmon on toast with a tsp spread of whipped cream cheese. Or one of those fruit boxes of melon from the grocery store. If you want hot food try the healthy steamers chicken basil pesto microwave meal. Only 3 points on weight watchers.
Ruth W.
My favourite go-to’s are a fruit or yogurt which are healthy and easy to bring around. If I had a little more time, a bowl of great grains cereal with almond/oat milk is perfect as well.
Reginald Y.
Toss a bagel in the toaster and butter it and wrap in tinfoil to eat while you drive! Or bring a banana or cup of yogurt!
Phoebe J.
I would normally go for jam on toast as I am eating the delicious carbohydrates and I’ve got a touch of fruit in the jam which is great, tasty and gives me energy throughout the day
Dem N.
A banana or apple with peanut butter is super quick!
Scrambled eggs & sausage is also a quick breakfast if you have a bit more time.