What do you usually put in your oats?

Jeff C.
Weird answer I guess, but I cannot eat oatmeal if it doesn't have raisins, cinnamon, and brown sugar in it! There are some really great recipes online for Mexican oatmeal that I make whenever I get the craving for oatmeal!!
Matthew E.
I make overnight oats and i have the best recipe: you put your oats in a jar(the amount you'd like to eat the next morning) then you add cocoa powder(enough to make your oats lighter than dark brown), a little honey for sweetness, crushed up walnuts,( i put some powdered vanilla or protein powder sometimes), and then you cover it with milk until you just can't see the oat pieces from the top. Pop a lid, put in the fridge overnight and in the morning it's ready and delicious waiting for you!( you can add any fruit you'd like while eating; bananas,strawberries etc.)
Alexa Y.
I love fruits, they add sweetness to dishes without all of the sugar cane or corn syrup mess. Apples, dried dates, raisins and apricots. Add a little brown sugar if it’s just not sweet enough. Cinnamon and nuts add healthy oils and nutritional value. ENJOY!
Tracy O.
I love peanut butter in my oats. It's a trick my son taught me to be balanced in the morning with carbs and protein. The natural peanut butter is just sweet enough that I am full and satisfied
Kenneth Z.
Bananas, cranberries and blueberries are my favorites in my oats. I'll be trying hemp seeds and flakes soon, someone told me it's a super food! You learn something new everyday 😊
Rose T.
I don't usually eat oats cause I've disliked it since I was young but my mom loves to put a little honey and cinnamon in hers.
Miguel O.
Sometimes I put water mashed banana and cinnamon maybe even cocoa powder other times I add apples and cinnamon or berries chia seed and so on
Laura N.
I like to put fresh fruit in it, preferably strawberry or mandarin, as well as chopped up nuts and chia seed. Last but not least I like to top it with almond butter and chocolate chips.
Nikita C.
So basically to make it more interesting to eat I have oats , milk , raisins and I chop up fruit such as banana or apple and put it in their.
What do YOU usually put in your oats?
Gustav X.
Depends on what i’m feeling! Today I made overnight oats for tomorrow’s breakfast. I added oats, almond milk, strawberries, blackberries, cinnamon, and peanut butter. 🙂
S Nziana P.
I usually put bananas, some cinnamon and some protein powder because I like this combination the best.
I also used jam sometimes and some chopped persimmon