What is the best breakfast for waking up?

Misty Y.
Eggs, bacon or ham, chia seed pudding with fruit on top and toast because then u get protein, grains, dairy, and fruit which is very good for you. Plus chia seeds and almond milk is a healthy alternative to other foods
Zarco N.
Protein, fruit and a little healthy fat – I like almonds blueberries and yogurt. It’s easy and tastes good and sets me up for success.
Cherly S.
Although difficult at times, prep a smoothie the night before and store in a mason jar in the fridge. I like my smoothies nutrient dense, so recipe is a bit complex. A simple one to build upon is use one scoop or two tablespoons of preferred meal replacement powder, oats, favorite piece of fruit, ice, water and blend away. Feel free to adjust ingredients to personalize your own dietery needs and flavor profiles. Remember, breakfast should bring joy to your morning not dread. Happy habit building. 😀
Iwona W.
The most energising breakfasts for me are:
– 2 eggs with 2 slices of brown bread
– brown bread with avocado and lemon drops
– bowl with nature yoghurt, almonds, chia seeds, oat flakes and some fruit
Ruthild O.
Ideally it’s something like scrambled eggs on toast or mushrooms on toast but usually I only have time for granola with hazelnut or almond milk
Ludovino Q.
In my opinion cereal, it's quick, easy and depending on the cereal can give you a nice boost of energy and fibre throughout the day.
Rayan O.
Try something with a lot of carbs and protein to give you the energy boost you need in the morning! Here are some great examples that are quick and easy:
– Banana slices on a peanut butter toast;
– Berries with yogurt;
– Low sugar cereal with milk;
– Eggs with fresh fruit on the side;
– Etc.
I hope you will now have some inspiration for yummy and healthy breakfasts that are great for waking up! Also, feel free to search the internet! You will find an endless stream of ideas! Let us know if you have any other questions!
Josefine Z.
I really enjoy a banana or apple and nut butter. It is delicious and light so does not make me feel sluggish. I also enjoy yogurt and fresh berries with some almonds.
Maja N.
I usually have an egg and a piece of fruit. It doesn’t take any time to make and it provides the protein and the fruit that I need to get rolling in the morning. Can always snack on yoghurt or cheese for protein mid morning if you’re still hungry.
James Y.
I start with a glass of water, coffee with 1% milk and Stevia, a banana smoothie (1% milk, Organe Protein Powder and a banana).
Lori C.
I have a very hard time eating in the morning, so either eat cream of wheat or a couple of hard boiled eggs. It’s not ideal but I am doing it.
Leo C.
The one that keeps you full until lunch, so remember to include some protein not just carbohydrates. I make my own granola with lots of different nuts and seeds.
Lois Q.
If waking up is your goal try eating Something that you really enjoy or something that excites your palate. Or maybe something that shocks your palate (in a good way)
Try citrus fruits, or breakfast tacos with salsa
Gerwin X.
A cup of tea with some light caffeine, and a splash of almond milk because that's how the british drink it in England! A piece of fruit (preferably different everyday) and a handful of nuts. On a day that needs a lot of energy or I have the extra time, taking those nuts with oatmeal works well too.
Julie O.
Some fruits and protein protein or healthy fat 🙂 I enjoy oatmeal with fruits and cocoa and cinnamon, or the same on toast, or avacado toast. Sometimes a smoothie with banana, greens, berries, chia and protein.
Franklim Q.
I’m sure you’ll get tons of responses for this, but since I’m Greek and a breakfast person I make a spinach omelette and have it with a zucchini & tomato salad topped with olives and feta. I would say pick your favorite protein, add some greens, and have fun!
Amalie B.
I love a breakfast that includes protein and long lasting carbohydrates. My preferred choice is whole-grain bread with cheese and ham, boiled egg and fresh orange juice.
Bertha I.
Shakeology with a cup of spinach, half a banana, a Tbsp. of ground flax, ice and water. This is quick and delicious and provides me with the right amount of protein, fat and carbs to keep my full and focused until lunch.
Tristan C.
I really enjoy having eggs first thing! They get me going and set a really good tone for the rest of the day with the protein boost.
Alexander X.
Eggs cooked which ever way you like… Some Avo for healthy oils… A bit of feta… Chopped parsley and or corriander.. ripe tomatoes.. and if you fancy some animal based protein … Top it off with some salmon. …
Michelle C.
Even egg is not my favorite food, I think it is best food for breakfast. Boil the egg, prepare a salad(with green vegetables, lemon juice and olive oil) and make a sandwich with healthy toasted bread. It's a quick breakfast to prepare and you won't feel hungry at all for 3-4 hours.
Morgane W.
I heard that apples can boost your energy just as much as coffee does! But a high protein breakfast will give you long lasting energy throughout the day and keep you feeling full longer.
Ernest X.
Fried eggs with tomatoes, a slice of whole-grained bread, and some cucumber or salad. I always drink a cup of coffee and a large glass of water. It gives me a huge amount of energy for a long day.
Munir A.
Porridge/oatmeal with fruit and cold water or juice. You don't want something sugary as you'll come off the high midmorning and feel tired and ill then. Cold water kick-starts your body into waking up. Porridge can keep you going longer than a sugary cereal as it provides enough energy that is slow release. You also are less likely to want to snack. Fruit keeps it interesting and works towards your 5 a day and vitamin intake.
Brett N.
I always eat overnight oats for breakfast. I add some almond or oat milk to a pile of outs, add some nuts and seeds and add the fruits the next morning. I tend to work out in the mornings as well and this provides me with sufficient energy for the first half of the day!
Heinz G Nther F.
I’ve found that I enjoy Bulletproof coffee with a little protein powder added in prior to blending. Coffee, grass fed unsalted butter, coconut oil, and protein blended into frothy deliciousness.
Lucy U.
I find foods and drinks with distinctive smells to be good for getting going in the morning. French press coffee. Bacon. Veggie sausage. Fresh cut fruit.
Flavie Y.
Green Smoothie and local in season Fruits. If you need coffe to get yourself going, then you have an unhealthy relationship with it. Therefor I recommend coffe only every once and a while when night has been shorter than usually.
Megan P.
I love making oatmeal. It’s super easy to prep and heat in the microwave. I add berries, raisins and sometimes nuts or seeds.
Tonya J.
The best breakfast for waking up personally has to be eggs alone or made as an omelet. Its not too heavy, full of protein and gives me enough energy to start my day right after I'm done eating. Dont forget to drink a bottle of water as well when you get up. It'll rehydrate you and get your mind mind more into gear to stay focused on what the day need are.
Jamie I.
Overnighy oats with banana and almond milk. In the morning add coconut crisps and nuts. Makes me want to wake up… unless I remember that I forgot to make it the night before haha!
Vicky F.
Overnight oats in low fat Moll, with frozen fruits like blueberries, strawberry's, mango. I prepareren this the night before. In the morning I top it with a handfull of unroasted, unsalted nuts. And I complement it with a cup of coffee 🙂
Anthony U.
Usually I like have oatmeal. It’s easy to make and also is good for you. If you have more time though, peeping healthy breakfast sandwiches that you can warm up in the morning are great too.
Brayden U.
I’ve gotten into the habit of eating oatmeal (with water and no sugar) with some almonds and dried fruit. I get packets that you can just empty into a Pyrex bowl, add water, and microwave. This seems to have the effect of making me feel full without too many calories. Instant oatmeal, which I usually use, is super quick but not that great tasting. Steel cut oats are better tasting but take 5 minutes plus. The point isn’t the taste, though. It’s eating a meal that’s quick, palatable, repeatable, and has the desired effect of staving off hunger. It probably helps that I’ve never been a “breakfast person”, so I think of this as at least as good as most breakfasts I’d normally eat.
Corey E.
I always use a meal replacement shake I really like because it supports my nutritional needs while being quick and easy!
Roger U.
Try slow-release carbs (sugars). My best bets are: porridge, feel yoghurt or cottage cheese. You can top each one of these with nuts (almonds are the best!) And/or seeds (sunflower and pumpkin, for example). Another quick fix is an apple with some peanut butter – sounds stranger but actually tastes great, and is a good energy fix. Last but but least – if you'd like to try a Bircher,(which is like a "cold porridge") just soak some oats or muesli in either milk, yoghurt or plant milk overnight and enjoy in the morning topped with some fruit. Happy breakfast!
Mario Z.
For nearly 40yrs I preferred nothing for breakfast as it makes me feel uncomfortable/full and therefore sluggish and unhappy. These days I don’t have the willpower that I used to so I now have two small turkey sausage sandwiches and a jalapeño cheese filled pretzel (Hot Pockets). I dip these in a spicy guacamole sauce and two other hot sauces. The spicyness wakes me up, and the low fat meal (under 10g of fat thankfully) puts a little something in my tummy without making me feel too full. My perfect start to the day! 🙂
In S Z.
I make a protein shake every morning. I use several different ingredients and make it a full power packed breakfast that fuels me for hours. I use ingredients that I know are effective for me.
Turmeric, ginger, gout kola, cinnamon, collagen, fruit, plant based protein, maca,
Chia seeds, vital reds, beet powder and choose either a golden milk or a chocolate
Flavor for each day. I will add things I have around to
Each shake. Always filling,
Power packed and good for me. It is a morning ritual I have done for years.
Cathy T.
It all depends on what you want. I like to have granola with walnuts and pistachios added covered in califa farms probiotics yogurt most days. Other days I like scrambled eggs or avocado toast with "everything but the bagel"(trader Joe's) sprinkled on top. Also, Shakeology works in a hurry.
Adonilo Z.
I usually like to eat oatmeal with fruits such as strawberries, bananas, and blueberries but i also like to eat toast with peanut butter and banana slices on top.
Elias S.
I’m not sure if it’s the best breakfast. I have eaten a protein packed special bread (I forget the name – I’ll have to look), with egg whites that I separate from the yolk myself, and two pieces of sausage links. I’m working myself towards cutting out the sausage or at least going to turkey sausage. One step at a time. I’ve made a lot of changes lately.
Keith T.
I actually love to have a cooling breakfast, it makes me feel like I'm starting my day with a fresh & cool start.
I start with a few sips of cold plain water.
For breakfast, I like cold milk with anything I like on it, cold yoghurt, cold fruits. On some days, I also like some crunch with my cold breakfast, I love the crisp sounds it makes in my mornings. :))
Alex G.
I would suggest either fat free protein natural yoghurt with fresh berries or maybe mango and pomegranate. Alternatively 2 scrambled eggs (no milk!) with a sandwich thin.
Ciciane P.
It might be better to have an energizing meal such as fruit and vegetables……maybe a salad and some nuts…..and a glass of water is essential…..