How much should I be eating in the mornings?

Aphiwe Z.
If you are not on a diet, i would prefer you should eat around about 400-500 calories and the food should be healthy because it is more filling and will keep you more energized.
Elena F.
You should be eating, at least, 400-500 calories for breakfast and it should be satiating (oatmeal, toast, cereal) and it can be healthy! 🙂
Ivy A.
Some type of protein and a small fruit works for me. As for drinks, I add my morning water into my breakfast. But you can also do milk or some type of juice. Hope this helps! <3
Nupur Q.
I don't know much about calories and stuff but according to me, the diet should be healthy and light so that we don't feel lethargic all day.
Alicja F.
Eating once in the morning makes more sense but first you should have to practice your water drinking doing so you drink a full cup of water measuring 5 centimetre cube of water❤️.if this is healthy and important to you i’d love to hear from you back.
Matteo O.
You should have a great breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because it has to boost you with the energy needed to face the day. Prefer proteic foods and complex sugars over simple sugars because they give you a long lasting sense of satiety, preventing you from being hungry in the middle of the morning.
Helga A.
It doesn't have to be a crazy amount, but it shouldn't be to little. For example, an apple and some peanut butter is a good breakfast.