Which meal do you give up most often on an 18hr fast?

Tristan Q.
Breakfast. I’ll eat dinner the evening (6:30 ish)before and I won’t eat until close to noon time the next day sometimes later. Breakfast is just hard for me to do in the morning anyways, rushing to get into traffic to go to work.

Jerry Q.
I rarely fast but when I do its usually longer than 18hrs so I will miss them all. I usually start in the evening and break it at breakfast.

Deborah O.
I would not do an 18 hour fast, as I find this difficult to follow due to health reasons.I will only do an 18 hour fast if I can replace my breakfast with a medically approved liquid meal replacement for my breakfast. I found it is easier eat a substantial lunch and breakfast, a large plain yoghurt,with a full bowl of porridge,with ground linseeds/mixed seeds soaked overnight in almond milk .Then eat my last meal of the day before 6pm, preferably 5pm and only drink liquids afterwards with no snacks until I have breakfast at 8pm, so I have roughly a 12 hour fast.Which is easier to follow during the week/weekends.I can fast for longer by using a medically recommended liquid breakfast meal replacement,instead of having my yogurt,and bowl of porridge with mixed seeds .