What do you do to eat your breakfast at the same time everyday ?

Chrysty Y.
My breakfast varies.

Oatmeal with honey
Multigrain cereal
Eggs with bacon
Banana and Greek yogurt with Chai seeds

Sometimes I add loose leaf tea, glass of oj,

Always have a large glass of water before.

Dagmar T.
I have a routine of specific things I enjoy doing in the morning, for example, when I wake up I drink a cup of coffee while reading a book or preparing my journal for the day. After this I stretch normally for 15-30 min. By the time I am done with these two things I am hungry and it is approx. 8:30-9:00 AM. After a few days of this I begin to wake up hungrier, especially closer to the time. If I get off schedule due to a late night, by now it only takes me a few days of doing my morning schedule to get back on track.

Caitlin V.
I have a homemade muesli that I prepare once a week which allows me to have a convenient and healthy breakfast even if I don't have much time !

Ellen E.
I don’t necessarily eat my breakfast at the same time everyday, it has been challenging to be that scheduled. If I stay up late then that sabotaged my schedule, so I took a different approach.

When I wake up I do a quick morning routine, wash me face and brush my teeth. Then I get dressed to workout, walk or run, after I get back I take a quick shower and get dressed for the day and then I eat breakfast.

This way time isn’t a factor for me. I hope this helps.

Eli X.
Well, prior to joining the Fabulous family, I lived by myself and rarely ate breakfast every morning. I have been telling myself that I would prefer a fruit and juice to start off my day instead of a full breakfast. Recently my brother moved in and started working night shifts so it was even more of a reason not to eat a healthy or complete breakfast. Then, I joined Fabulous and my brother took a new day shift position at a local company, and since accepting the eat a healthy breakfast challenege, I now have a reason to cook a nice breakfast every morning before he and I head out to work. As I implement this
new healthy habit for myself, im also creating it for my brother as well! Win win! 🙂

Susan Z.
I still haven’t mastered it yet, but I set multiple mini alarms in each of my routines to remind me to keep going. I pick the sounds that I like to dance to and it gets me going. I try to make sure I always have something available that sounds good to eat in the morning. This makes it less likely to delay or skip breakfast.