I want to gain weight (about 5 – 10 kg). What are some good breakfasts for weight gain?

Marilaine Y.
I hear quinoa is a great source of protein. Getting used to the taste and cooking methods are challenges I got to overcome.
Mc Kenna Q.
Im lucky I got your question, future dietitian here! Look at your ingredients first, the best three things are complex carbs (a 1/5 fiber/ carb ratio) protien, and fat.
Build your meal from there.
Eggs (protein) cheese (fat) Ezekiel bread (high fiber carb)
Steel oats (c) table spoon of peanutbutter (p/f) bonus to add protein powder or fruits
Bagel(c) cream cheese(f) salmon(p)
When you start seeing foods for their nutritional values building a balanced meal gets easier.
C/p/f are always the best way to start your day so you are full of energy with less midday crash.
Good luck on your journey, I hope this was helpful.
Cl A Y.
Hi, my best friend also wants to gain weight and so I know a little hit about this. She likes to eat full fat yogurt, with granola and nuts. She also eats really good grainy bread with butter and sliced avocado.

I think the fats in these foods are both healthy and full of goodness…and a little fatty too. 😉

Good luck.

Elouan P.
Fats + Carbs = weight gain
I love avocados and whole grain tortillas. Remember protein too! I enjoy any form of protein inside one of the tortillas as well.
Walfried X.
As I'm trying to lose weight myself, I don't know how helpful it might be, but I think you should eat a breakfast full of protein and carbs.
Carlos U.
A breakfast with oatmeal, whole milk (or almond/ soy/ coconut milk if you're vegan), nuts, and dried fruits seems good for some weight gain. Hope this helps 🙂
Will Y.
Focus on gaining muscle and eating healthy fats. 30 grams of protein every few hours and cooking with coconut oil will help put on meaningful but healthy weight
Sylvie N.
If you have protein powder, try making a smoothie with it but if you don’t, you can add yogurt and milk to your smoothie!
Mychael O.
I’m not an expert. But if you’re trying to build muscle protein is the way to go. Eggs, oatmeal, nuts, lean meats. If your just trying to gain weight, eating more calories than you do on a daily can help. Non fattening foods can be any fruit or vegetable or wheat.
Jucemira F.
Good breakfasts for weight gain include carb + protein heavy meals, such as oatmeal and a hardboiled egg, or pancakes and bacon!
Sofie G.
A hearty and balanced breakfast is the wat to go. The first thing to look into is how many calories you should be taking in a day to reach your goal weight. Apps like myfitnesspal can help you to calculate how many calories you will need daily. Once you know what your over-all calorie intake should be, you can divide those calories between your meals and snacks for the day. You will want to be intaking a good amount of protein (from things like eggs, nuts, turkey breakfast sausage etc) and complex carbohydrates (whole grains, fruits, etc). Fats will also come in handy but try to take in healthy fats from foods such as yogurt or advocado. I hope this helps!
Darren C.
Hi, I’m sorry that I don’t have an exact answer for your question. However, I’m also trying to gain weight and am trying to find the best meals for this. I thought you might like to know that there is someone else in the same position as you. I don’t know what will work for you personally.for example, I haven’t had any luck gaining weight through eating carbs or other foods that people say make them gain weight. So I’ll be trying to gain weight by gaining muscle. I weighed more when I was very active and when I stopped I lost a lot weight. I have no idea if you’re in a similar situation but it’s nice to know that there’s someone out there with the same goal as me!
Jonas E.
Including dairy products on your breakfast will help you gain weight. Fruits also add to the process…every morning, a healthy breakfast is most likely to make your day productive.
Iracilda N.
I would say dont eat a lot of junk food that is not a good way to gain weight because it is unhealthy, here are some foods that will help, milk, red meats, potatoes, salmon, avocados, dark chocolate, and eggs.
Storm W.
Ummm. I never rly think this way, I normally try to loose weight and eat healthier. But I would definitely recommend eating things with a lot of carbs (preferably healthy carbs) maybe a very extra sandwhich with ham, avocado, pork, avocado. Or maybe eat pancakes, french toast, muffins or things like that. I woukd also recommend eating bacon 🙂
Ulduz V.
Chocolate banana nut shake: Combine 1 banana, 1 scoop of chocolate whey protein and 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of peanut or another nut butter.
Lisa M.
I'm getting to gain weight as well. I would say eggs with veggies and toast (kind of bread do on if you're sensitive to anything) with butter from grass fed cows
Crystal X.
Personally, high protein – grains – nuts – high fat foods work best for me. Ex: Avocado, cheese – laughing cow brie, matzo cracker or arnold organic thin sliced 22grains/seeds bread – toasted. I enjoy spreading the cheese on toast/cracker and slicing up 1/2 a hass avocado to layer on top. I usually pair with a few slices of cantaloupe… But pairing with banana would be a good choice too. You can switch from milk to almond milk for your cereals/ protein shakes. Really when it comes down to it… Think really rich foods that are loaded with nutrients.
Josh F.
Try healthy fats like avocado toast, eggs, soy milk, sausages (look for good options). Be consistent with eating these healthy fats
Ellyn N.
Breakfast is a great meal to add additional calories ! Make it a full meal with plenty of protein , veggies and carbs . You can also add a protein smoothie to drink ! Hope this helps ❤️
Brian A.
Healthy breakfast food are apples , bananas, and oats that will keep you full rather than sugary breakfasts which can make you crash
Miriam Z.
You can start with mixed yogurt (full cream) with full grain oat + honey. Add two or three boiled eggs that are fried (post boiling) in butter. You can add some peanut butter if you don't like the frying part.
Lorraine O.
Well a good way to gain weight is to eat more healthy carbs while also still eating protein and fats . But oatmeal is a good way to gain weight . Rice, potatoes and other starches like whole wheat bread, beans, pasta, whole grain cereals are great too. Protein shakes, red meat. Healthy oils and fats like salmon, avocados, fruit and veggies. You will need to intake more calories than usually.
Meghan S.
Treat your body well! Food is such a beautiful thing, and it tastes better when you put time and thought into it. That being said, I am NOT a morning person. Eggs are a really great start to the day that are quick to make and have endless varieties. Don't forget carbs! Toast or a bagel goes well with eggs, a little cheese? YASSS!
Manasvi F.
Make sure that you have a lot of nuts in it. Things like peanut butter, almond butter etc. Have a lot of narural fats, and make sure that you work on your appetite
Alcindo F.
Eat more carbs during breakfast. Breakfast like a king i guess. However, you need to have a balance diet throughout the day. More carbohydrates in the morning, more protein during lunch and more fruits and vegetables for the rest of it. To gain weight a bit faster, try eating carbohydrates not too much per consume but repeat as much as you can per day. Like what my brother did, he eat rice every 4 hours to gain weight. Goodluck !
Cha G.
Healthy fats and low GI carbs. Fat eg: Avocado, almond. Carb eg: Oat. Nice breakfast can be avocado, bacon, eggs or oatmeal, almond and/or other nuts/seeds.
Swen O.
Try high protein food, and add some healthy fats into your diet (like avocado). Dairy food would also be a good companion (milk, cheese, yogurt, etc).
T Rkan O.
My favorite types of breakfast Would have to be some really good type of bread. With peanut butter and bananas on top!
Another really good idea is oatmeal with strawberries and bananas.
And finally some biscuits with butter and grape jelly!
L Cidas S.
Proteins and carbs are the way to go! Eggs, bacon, and potatoes are a solid way to start your day if your goal is to gain weight. Also, getting in some greens is always good as well, just throwing it a smoothie can be an easy way to incorporate some.