What’s your breakfast menu?

Frank K.
Today was chicken salad sandwich on a croissant with curried pecans. Like glass of V8 juice. Oh so hot tea. I'm looking forward to planning this week out of what else will be on the menu but right now I really don't have any idea

Najee O.
Vegan meal replacement, coconut cream, pecans, macadamia nuts, avocados, matcha, nutritional yeast, mucana, chickpeqs, dates. Usually vegan keto and after HIIT workout 15 grams of fructose and 30-40 grams of carbs. This builds muscle glycogen. This is called targeted keto

Rosimere Z.
I have a smoothie from Daily Harvest. I'm not much of a cook at the moment so I'm keeping it simple. I'm also trying to remove the foods that showed up on a 96 food panel test I did earlier this year. I've started using either hazelnut or cashew milk and I think that helps with the needed protein.

Rita E.
Normally yogurts with mixed nuts, quinoa, oat and add some honey to Make it tasty. They are quite easy to prepare. I will also cook an egg if I have time.

Anita C.
At the moment, it's yoghurt mixed with citrus and oats. I've never been a big breakfaster so this is a challenge. I don't feel hunger generally, so am easily able to skip breakfast and have my first meal be lunch. This challenge is really testing me!

Calvin O.
On weekdays, I eat a bowl of plain oatmeal with 1% low-fat milk. I sweeten with honey and I top with cinnamon and fruit. On weekends, I’ll make myself eggs a la Mexicana (eggs with onion, jalapeño, and tomato).

Lily X.
it depends on how im feeling when i wake up if i feel groggy and gross ill go for something warm like toast with anything on it. i like having nutella toast as something more sweet w strawberries on top. or else i really like to make scrambled eggs with cheese and green pepper and put it in a warm tortilla. hope that helped:)<3

Jolanda F.
Mostly I start eating something light after drinking tea, water or coffee. I prefer a piece of fruit. Later during the morning I have a "second" breakfast, this contains oatmeal with either soy yoghurt or milk with seeds and sometimes with an apple.

Hil Ria P.
I've been having a glass of water first, then a little later around 40 mins after I've woken up I have 2 rice cakes and whole earth peanut butter and a piece of fruit usually and apple or banana. For the weekend we make pancakes and have lean meat and eggs.

Charles E.
It's not fixed but I try to inculcate high protein diet in my breakfast. Thanks to Fabulous , I have started having a healthy and balanced breakfast. Earlier , I used to eat breakfast but the time wasn't fixed and I was not aware of what I'm eating.
Now,my breakfast usually contains a glass of juice and upma , porridge, beans or whole wheat bread(paratha) and yogurt

Kate F.
I have a balanced diet meal plan from Jenny Craig. My breakfast everyday is different. Today I had a protein vanilla nut bar, a banana and a skim milk cuppacino coffee. Tomorrow I will have Apple and cinnamon porridge with skim milk, a piece of fruit and coffee. I also take a multivitamin after breakfast with a little orange and passion fruit juice to wash it down.

Friedhold F.
Usually just some white bread with ham, applejuice and coffee. But now I'm trying to have healthy protein like eggs in the pan,bacon and my homemade protein bars made of oatmeal, peanut butter and dark chocolate.

Hunter E.
I just started my Breakfast routine! I crack a few eggs into a skillet and scramble them! I then have a handful of mixed nuts, and use a knife to cut slices off of an apple! I then wash it down with some milk. Every day! Contistently!

Toby U.
Smoothie – 1/2 litre of almond milk, teaspoon of cacao nibs, scoop of hemp protein, 1 banana, frozen spinach and some frozen fruit to add flavour (mango, blueberries, strawberries etc)

Floyd B.
Today was some fresh strawberries, vanilla yogurt and homemade banana granole on top….with a cup of coffee of course. Other days it could be a hard boiled egg with a piece of toast and some kind of fruit. It just depends what mood I'm in.

Mathis E.
I try to eat something different every day. But it might be some scrambled eggs (with or without bacon on the side), some fruit, pancakes, a loaf of cake, a toast, a yogurt with cereal. Or just a mix of two or three of the previous .But it all starts with a glass of water with a few drops of lemon, then coffee (black, no sugar), and only then whatever is coming after.

Ayako X.
During the week I try to eat a banana and yogurt or peanut tofu which is a local type of tofu. When I also eat cashews when I'm in a rush. Today I had some bacon on a piece of bread. It would probably be good to introduce more fruits and vegetables.

Michaela G.
Lately, I've been having 2 hard boiled eggs with some fruit and/or a piece of sprouted toast. I might have yogurt with it.
My go-to used to be apple & peanut butter. Personally, I prefer hard boiled eggs because t here is more protein in them than apple & peanut butter.

Victoria U.
I have been eating chicken biscuits and applesauce! i love them both and it’s easy to prepare in the mornings! sometimes i have an egg and bacon sandwich. i like to go look and see what i have in the kitchen and use those items to make breakfast so i’m not always buying breakfast. i think of 3 main things i like to eat and go for those when i shop for food

Mikayla U.
Usually peanut butter toast, an apple or a banana, and either a protein shake, a glass of water, or a fruit smoothie as my drink.

Marsha E.
Day 1 was homemade smoothie with wheatbix and honey. Day 2 was a fried egg on toast with chives and a strawberry yoghurt. Day 3 was nutella pancakes (birthday 😀 )

Jill J.
My breakfasts almost always contains some form of egg. Hard-boiled, baked or fried. On the days I don't have eggs, I eat turkey bacon or turkey sausage. I eat these with whole wheat toast or fresh berries every morning.

Joan Z.
Here's some ideas:
1. a boiled egg and a fruit mix
2. a piece of wheat bread and a banana or an apple
3. protein shake mixed with any fruit and chia seads
4. oatmeal with strawberries or bananas
5. just some good ol' cornflakes with milk and bananas

Luna C.
Either eggs, toast, and lightly fried potato cubes, or (if I'm in a rush) a pre-prepared 8-or-so oz. bag of peanuts, cashews, raisins, dried cranberries, dried carrots, dried strawberries, almonds, milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dried kiwis (about a handful of each).

Tereza W.
Multigrain toast, probiotic fermented milk, berries, avocado, eggs, coffee, juice, sometimes bacon or sausage, sometimes hashbrowns

Marilee J.
Overnight oats. It includes rolled oats, almond milk, pure maple syrup, a little cinnamon and vanilla. It takes 5 min. To prepare the night before, then you leave it in the fridge overnight and it’s ready to go in the morning. Sometimes I eat a whole grain piece of toast with it.

Mia O.
In the week I have a smoothie with soya or almond (unsweetened) milk, banana, berries, almond butter and protein powder, this keeps me full till lunch time and hits 3 of my targets for the day, with 2 portions of fruit, a portion of nuts, and flax seeds.
On a weekend I have a treat of some vegan cinnamon whirls or vegan crossiants on one day and then either cereal (weetabix) or toast and marmite the other day.

Tomothy F.
– Oatmeal with honey and cinnamon
– mixed fruits and cold meats
– muesli and Greek yoghurt
– bacon and scrambled egg

With a cup of tea and half a grapefruit every morning

Alma E.
I prefer fresh fruit, cereal, or sometimes a bagel with vegetable cream cheese. On occasion I’ll make eggs and toast. Really it depends on how I feel or how hungry I am.

Clarence J.
Diced onion and tomato with boiled chicken breast scrambled all together with two eggs using coconut oil salt and white pepper with cofee whole milk and three sugar cubes

Lucia X.
My breakfast menu changes from week to week. When I began Fabulous, it was an omelet with spinach, mushrooms and peppers. Some mornings started later than planned and so I’ve eaten “Forager Organic Grain Free O’s” cereal & a Beyond Beef Breakfast Sausage. Other mornings, I’ve had Almond Flour Pancakes and Beyond Beef Breakfast sausage. Yet, other mornings I’ve had a Smoothie with Banana, berries, kale and spinach, adding flax seed and Oxzgen CBD Performance Blast (one of my CBD products). So, it varies😀!

Jc Y.
Oatmeal with banana or hot cocoa mix, cereal with almond milk, spinach banana shake, or breakfast sandwich with eggo waffles

Lollie Z.
Eggs, bacon, avacatoe and tomatoes. Or cottage cheese and fresh berries with cheese on the side or an avacado. With a cup of tea.

Isabella R.
Breakfast bars are my go to, but I try to make a smoothie everyday because I feel better when I have my fruits in the morning.

Mona Z.
I usually don't get a lot of time for breakfast so I try to have lots of fruit around, I take bananas, strawberries, apples, etc. And add honey or peanut butter, sometimes I pour all of it in the mixer, add milk and chia seeds and make a morning shake!
When I have more time I love making poached eggs with brie cheese, spinach omlete, blueberry pancakes, or even some chilli or lentil soup with lots of barley!

Janelle Z.
I usually have a salad or I like to make a fruit smoothie with banana, strawberries, and blueberries. It tastes delicious and is goof for you

Luis C.
Depends! Today it’s half a grapefruit and an English muffin with peanut butter. Sometimes it’s a yogurt parfait. Occasionally a green smoothie. And on rough days it’s a sausage McMuffin 🤣