What are some tasty breakfast foods? I’m not very creative when it comes to that.

Zachary F.
Peanut Butter a teeny, tiny bit of brown sugar, one scoop of protein powder in a cup of rolled oats or oatmeal. Add bolied water to the mix, put in the microwave for one minute & then volar! Oats with lots of protein in the morning 🌞
Ken C.
play to what you like! if you’re in the mood for something sweet, fix yourself some peanut butter toast with banana and honey. if you prefer a savory choice, make an egg sandwich with a bagel, eggs, and a little bit of ham or cheese. remember, you’re not confined to traditional breakfast foods, either. if you want to have a salad, some soup, or another unconventional morning dish for breakfast, go for it! whatever it is, it should fuel your day and help you feel great.
Marin S Z.
I’m a lazy kind of person, that’s why I decided to join this journey! They told me proteins are the key to feel full and satisfied so for now I place on my plate almost every day: eggs, half avocado and fresh fruits. I discovered baby spinach which I love! I never forget to eat some starchy carbs like potatoes (if you have no time there are lots of recepies for the microwave) wholegrain baked goods, granola, corn. My rule is to fill a plate first with the protein, then I add the fruits and then I fill the remaining space with carbs. I cut off dairy from my meals. I feel very energized by this new behaviors!
Ernst August O.
I like to have an egg over easy with toast to dip in the yolk. Or Greek yogurt with mixed berries and granola and a drizzle of honey. Or a smoothie. Toast with different toppings (jam, butter, avocado, peanut butter and bananas, etc). Grits or cream of wheat is delicious. Or oatmeal. Add dried fruits and chia seeds on top. You can also do a simple bagel with cream cheese or make it fancy with smoked salmon and capers. Or tomatoes and capers if you don’t like salmon.
Zachary O.
That's tough to answer without knowing allergies, preferences, or time constraints, but if you can think of a few ingredients you know you'll like (eggs, oats, etc) or dishes you already enjoy (omelet, avocado toast, etc) you can do a quick search on Google or Pinterest and you should find a veritable treasure trove of recipes.
Edouard Z.
You could try making oatmeal the conventional way without sugar, add blueberries, strawberries, cranberries to it once it’s cooked and cooled down a little, a little honey and keep it in the fridge the night before. You could replace the berries with a handful of nuts and seeds as well.
Linda E.
My favorite is the left over dinner from last night.
I also recently think burger might be a great breakfast. (it has more vegetable compared to traidtional english breakfast, which is OK good~)
The easiest and maybe the most realistic one is omel/cereal + bowling egg.
H L Na O.
I eat a higher fat, lower carb diet with high protein, so when it’s tome for breakfast I eat either oatmeal or plain Greek yogurt with peanut butter, pecans, and chocolate whey protein from a company called Kaged Muscle. Tastes amazing – I always look forward to it
Abel Y.
I like English Breakfast myself. Just some scrambled eggs, some beans, some sausages and bacons (not that healthy tho lol). Tasty and Simple.
Samaritano P.
Frozen waffles with high protein (Van's brand is good) with syrup, butter, sliced strawberries or cooked apples; cottage cheese and fruit; oatmeal with sliced banana, cooked (microwaved) apple, cinnamon, brown sugar, milk; yogurt with chia seeds, walnuts or pecans, sliced fruit, some grape nuts or granola; hard boiled eggs sliced on toast with turkey bacon (open faced breakfast sandwich); leftover pizza. Anything can be breakfast food!
Anton F.
My go-to breakfast choices are a cored apple with peanut butter, or a mini blueberry bagel with mascarpone. Both are quick and easy, perfect for when I don't feel like cooking, or don't have much time to spare.
Xiomara O.
Am not either, but after my morning water I have a chobani Greek yogurt and a fruit, that’s my breakfast open for suggestions to😁
Same Q.
I am not very creative with breakfast either. I usually have a shake and or boiled eggs. Wish I could be more helpful.
Judas Q.
Lately I’ve been feeling a bowl of cereal with banana and some turkey bacon. It’s the right amount of quick/easy but also filling. In the winter, I usually like oatmeal made with milk and blueberries. I have found that the foods I stick with longest are those that make me happy. You can buy microwave buttermilk pancakes from the grocery store. Add a tiny smear of butter, some strawberries, and a little bit of syrup for a meal that won’t bust your diet, but feels celebratory. Happy breakfast food to you might not even look like breakfast! Don’t feel like you have to eat something that fits neatly into the “Breakfast” category for your first meal of the day. In school, I ate mac & cheese for breakfast a lot.
Carter E.
Scrambled egg with mushroom with or without toast with seeds
Avocado and marmite on toast
Cooked tomatoes on toast
Peanut butter and banana on toast
Granola with berries or banana, seeds and coconut milk
Banana breakfast muffins (homemade and healthy) great for on the go and quick it made before. They keep for 2 weeks in the fridge.

Terry U.
Some of the delicous & practical foods that was being served first meal of the day are:

• EGGS (which is rich in protein) You can cook it in scrambled, sunny side up, omelette.. You name it!
• FRUITS (Banana, apple and avocado can boost one's energy.)

Marilise N.
Nut butter on toast (truly natural, no palm oil – save the orangs!).
Whole-milk Greek yogurt with nuts and berries.
Nature Valley protein bars.
Canadian bacon.
-Throw a sliced pablano in the skillet for a bit. Wrap it in a warmed corn tortilla with some cheese.
Real French bread French toast. Use a bit of olive oil and almond milk in batter. Top with butter and thawed frozen strawberries for a nice treat.
If you have a good blender, make a smoothie with yogurt, greens, beet powder, berry-flavored green powder, berries, banana, apple, carrot, whatever. Do it beforehand, so you can grab a fortifying, tasty to-go meal that will keep you satisfied.
Cecil Y.
I Iove making quick and easy healthy breakfast food like peanut butter and jelly sandwich or marking scrambled eggs and using cut up frozen potatoes. Maybe one morning I’ll try a smoothie.
Kaylee E.
One of my favorite, easy to make items are smoothies. I usually take a scoop of protein powder, a banana and some kind of nut milk (peanut milk goes best with banana). Blend this together and you have a quick easy to go breakfast.

Also another way to go about it, is by not limiting yourself to just "breakfast foods". Not everyone likes breakfast foods so this causes some people to skip breakfast all together. If you are not a breakfast food kind of person, just think of a good meal you like that is healthy and balanced and just eat it for breakfast!

Isa E.
Yogurt with fresh fruit and oats. Eggs with fresh fruit and oats. Veggie omelet and fresh fruit. Sweet potatoes hash and eggs. Smoothie with almond milk and fruits.
Mathias C.
Just list alll the healthy good you can and highlight what you like. Then you can figure out recipes on the internet that involve food that you like. However you could be lazy and just find low calorie butters and stuff, switch to brown bread and brown sugar, non saturated cereal that’s high in fibre and start eating porridge.
Sheila P.
I like toast, scrambled eggs, and some fruit. Whole prep takes one pan and less than ten minutes. Handful of almonds and a banana, yogurt with berries and slivered almonds, peanut butter and Graham crackers with milk, hard-boiled egg with fruit and cheese, etc. But the easiest and best, in my mind, is last night's leftovers. Not traditional but tasty, always on hand, and quick to reheat. Plus, then you get veggies which aren't part of a typical American breakfast.
Serenity T.
For a basic breakfast chocolate cream of wheat with bananas and walnuts or toasted coconut. For a fancier (read as more time consuming) cinnamon and nutmeg pancakes with fruit compote (I like blueberry or strawberry).
Joel W.
Some of my favorites include an apple with peanut butter, plain nonfat yogurt with fruit and a sprinkling of yogurt, or a breakfast burrito (scrambled eggs with a little cheese in a light tortilla).
Andrea O.
For me, I find having a fruit smoothie for breakfast is quick and easy. Just make sure the frozen fruit has no added sugar and add a tablespoon of your favorite nut butter. I fine that almond milk goes well with smoothies. Hope this helps 🙂
Jacek X.
I'll eat oatmeal and put nuts or berries in it to make it better and more filling. I had peaches and cream oatmeal today and added an actual peach on top of the cooked oatmeal and it helps with flavor and texture.
Gissele Y.
Eggs!!! Eggs are incredibly versatile and you can cook them in so many different ways… scrambled, boiled, poached, baked, fried, made into an omelette. My personal favourite is eggs en cocotte, which sounds fancy but is very simple and tasty to cook. The egg is baked inside a small ramekin (greased first with a little butter to stop it sticking) at 175°C for about 15 minutes until the egg white is fully set. To make sure the egg is cooked evenly, the ramekin is placed inside a shallow dish of boiling water (filled 2/3 up the height of the ramekin). You can layer tasty ingredients such as spinach, mushrooms, spring onion, tomato, ham or cheese above and below the egg to make it more interesting. A quick Google should give you a few ideas 🙂
Elias B.
Some breakfast items I like are:
1. A banana and peanut butter wrapped in a toasted Ole 50 calorie healthy wheat tortilla.
2. Oatmeal with a couple drops of vanilla and fresh fruit.
3. Saute fresh veggies (peppers, onions, mushrooms, etc) and scramble with eggs. This is kind of like a veggie omelette.

Emeline Y.
peaches and almonds seem to be my favourites.. but i also like musli, freezed bananas with peanut butter, eggs and mangoes/strawberries.
Valdira B.
Overnight oats with almond milk, blue berries, walnuts, banana, hemp and chia seed. In the morning before you eat it, put some almond butter on it.
Patricia R.
It depends on so many things … but I recently like to cut a fresh fruit to pieces, put in a bowl, maybe add a bit of serial, and a few spoons of bafalo/sheep yoghurt. Or just the fruit/s (papaya, plums, nectarine etc.).
Jean T.
I like to make pear walnut oatmeal with a little bit of nutmeg and brown sugar. You can meal prep a big batch of it at the beginning of the week because it reheats well and gets even yummier over time!
Magrit B.
I usually have whole wheat bread sandwich with smoked beef, cheese and lettuce. Sometime i change the smoked beef with fried egg. I also add tomato sauce and sandwich spread to make it more tasty. It is easy to make and only need about 10minutes to prepare.
Allen X.
Spinach or kale sauteed in coconut oil with 2 sunny side up eggs sprinkled with some garlic salt and pepper 1 slice of whole wheat toast
Justina F.
Not sure if the amount of time is a factor. French toast with maple syrup is always delicious. My husband's family always spreads nut butter on that and their pancakes (another suggestion, best with blueberries) before drizzling the syrup.
Yogurt is always good. The best yogurt for your microbiome is homemade (or plain Greek) with honey mixed in.
Overnight soaked oatmeal is delicious with raisins, currants, craisins, whatever you prefer, plus nuts.
Scrambled eggs with goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes or fresh tomatoes with shredded basil or chives on top. (Easier than omelette)
Omelette if you're good cook.
Any scrambled eggs.
Bacon. Can microwave in paper towels.
Frittata with leftover veggies, either raw or cooked
NY Times More veggie than egg frittata
Avocado toast
Toast spread with goat cheese drizzled with olive oil with slice of prosciutto spread on top. Garnish of basil leaves optional
If not too rich, Ina Garten baked Brie spread with honey eaten on warmed sliced baguette or toast.
Soft boiled eggs. Boil water. Add eggs directly from fridge set timer 10 minutes. Ready a bowl of ice water. When 10 minutes ladle out eggs with slotted spoon into ice water. Wait another 10 minutes. Easy to peel and perfectly cooked.
British toast soldiers with eggs and ham.
Muffins (with boiled egg)
Savory scone from bakery. Mine has cheddar, chive, bacon scones.
Breakfast place: sausage gravy and buttermilk biscuits
Eggs poached, scrambled, omelette, over easy, sunny side up, etc.
Quail eggs or duck eggs
Ham or bacon, melted cheddar or American cheese, egg sunny side up on bun. (Served in New York City delis)
If you're ok with flavor milled flaxseed in/on any of this is very good for you. Cardio and brain benefits, says my dietician (I had TBIs.)
List is endless. Hope this helps!

Adina E.
I make homemade oatmeal. I have an allergy to gluten and lactose but here's my recipe:
1/2 cup steel cut oats
1/4 cup organic no-sugar coconut flakes
1 tbsp of crushed pecans
1tbsp mixed (chia, flax, hemp seeds)
1tbsp raw unfiltered honey
1/4 tbsp Saigon cinnamon
* mix together and pour as much hot water in as needed for desired thickness, stir until mixed into a thick goopy consistency
Joel O.
I find it easier to stick to eating the same things most of the time. I rotate between 3 different breakfasts. I either have a protein,berry, spinach smoothie, eggs and toast with veggies, or steel cut oats with nuts and dried cranberries. I always have these three options on hand and rotate based on the time I have to prep and eat breakfast!
Salvador W.
Yes ok I think omlet and a cheese sandwich is good, if you are going some where you could pack, vegetables or, fruit🍎🍊🍌🍉🍇🍒🍍
Sean Z.
I scramble an egg or two and toast an English muffin. Half the muffin gets a little jam and the other half gets the egg.
Alberte Z.
Eggs are awesome and easy. Oatmeal is good especially if you have extras like berries, honey, or spices. Really just go basic and then experiment with the little things. Breakfast is perfect for little things.