Should I eat a Great Breakfast everyday?! Because sometimes I just don’t want that!

Prince W.
Great breakfast is not only about the quantity but the quality of protein we intake. Sometimes when we feel tonnit take a great breakfast we can have some protein snacks like nuts, fruits, or even a Good Milkshake or Juice would come on count of great breakfast.
Aparna F.
Yes ,though you feel lazy to get out of bed or not hungry feel like brunching . It is called as brain's fuel! What you eat in the morning is what's gonna keep you going through much of the day. Skipping meals in the night is better than in the morning (that too if you have to) . Morning s the time when your body s metabolism is at its best. Atleast have a banana or any fruit,some nuts!
Daouane C.
balance is key. sometimes foods that aren’t necessarily great is still a good breakfast. the idea is to eat something everyday. i would recommend you to eat healthy for at least 4-5 times a week. sometimes you just need sugar or fat in your system 😉
Vassia P.
It's okay that sometimes you are not hungry and don't wanna eat something big. Just have a breakfast full of great proteins and things that are good for your health.
Karl Heinz O.
Breakfast is very important to do every day because breakfast helps you to live the day well. If you don't feel like it, then at least fill your stomach with a snack.