I sometimes have a breakfast smoothie consisting of high fibre cereal, milk, banana and protein powder would this be considered unhealthy or bad?

Emilie E.
I think that it a good breakfast, I mean, you have fruit, milk, protein… that's good! unless you put so much sugar on it.
Meghan Z.
Yes, I believe a morning protein smoothie constitutes a good breakfast, even if it may be higher in natural sugars than eggs.
Ana E.
It’s not bad at all. High protein early in the morning is a great way to stay energized throughout the day. The smoothie you described may be relatively high in sugar though, so try adding some green veggie fiber to balance you out. Kale is a great smoothie addition, since the flavor is very mild and usually unnoticeable. Or you could even try snacking on some raw veggies along side your smoothie. Studies have shown that the act of chewing can actually make people ~feel~ fuller longer and prevent late morning cravings.
Paige O.
Hello, you can use a free app like MyFitnessPal to add the ingredients and get a more clear nutrition picture of your meal. I don't think your meal sounds unhealthy however may be able to make it more healthy by substituting almond milk for the milk and using oatmeal instead of cereal which may contain a lot of sugar. I sometimes add some flaxseed to get additional fiber in my morning shake.
Urea Q.
Adding fibre to a diet helps with regular eliminations. The potassium in bananas are good for you and protein help you build lean muscles and keep you full longer. Would replace the milk with water.
Jane J.
I think that the choice of the breakfast is great because it's healthy and you get the protein and fibre that your body needs to function for a longer time during the day until your next meal.
Tilde B.
No way, A smoothie is a delicious, healthy and long lasting breakfast idea for everyone to try
Tonya P.
That sounds healthy to me, I don’t see what would be bad about it. It sounds like a regular breakfast; a bowl of cereal, a banana, some protein but just all blended together to save time. I’d like to try it.
M Lissa T.
It cannot be "healthy" or "bad" like black or white. I think it's quite good as long as there are no sugar (banana is OK) and it's high in protein.
Nadin N.
No it would not be considered unhealthy or bad as long as you have calibrated the portions – nutrients and calories – to fit your needs. Complex carbs, high fibre and protein are all sources of slower release energy that can sustain you through the morning better than highly processed carbs and sugary cereal options.
Miriam O.
To me this sounds like the ideal breakfast and one that I would like to start having each morning. You could also try adding frozen berries, matcha powder or maca. Or I also add a green powder to ensure I’m getting my daily dose of greens.
Gabe S.
It all depends on what the protein powder and the cereal have added in. Cereal with sugar and protein powder with sugar and aromas might not be the best choise. But the idea is to have protein, slow carbs and some fruit sugar to keep you full and energised.
Isabella Z.
It really depends on the amount of simple sugars in aggregate —
Milk has a bit, banana has a bit, and some protein powders do too. I’d try to keep that under 10ish grams in the morning, total — so less if you take a lot of sugar in your coffee.
Guerete Y.
As for smoothies I have heard some can be unhealthy depending on their sugar content so I guess that's something I would consider. But I do think that making a smoothie yourself rather than buying one gives you more control over what goes in it and how much rather than purchasing a store made smoothie which could be high in sugar content and unhealthy additives.
Corinta Y.
Sounds good to me! I would just check what the total calorie content is (add all the ingredients up) just so you’re aware of how big of a breakfast it really is
Giovani Q.
That is a healthy breakfast. It is tailored more towards muscle gain and being fit moreso than weight loss which is perfect if that's what you are aiming for. Keep it up!
Karlfried U.
Yes, this would be considered a healthy breakfast. Its quick and has all the vitamins you need to start your day.
Lisbeth E.
Personally, I dont think so! You have a great balance of carbs & protein. The only thing I'd say to try is maybe add a tablespoon of natural peanut butter for some healthy fats to keep to satisfied along with the protein.
Karl E.
I'm not an expert but I've been reading online about “breakfast essansials” and it said that you should have fibre, protein and some fruit, which you have.
I know that smoothies are a very common option for “healthy breakfast”, and I have been having them for a lot of time too, however, haven't you considered changing the protein powder for another thing?
I read that protein should be around a 25% of your breakfast, and I don't know if the powder is enough…
If you want some ideas about what could you substitute the protein powder for, I've read that eggs, some cereals (such as quinoa) or even jam could work…
My breakfast at the moment is basically a natural yoghurt with chocolate chips (which make it delicious), almonds and some seeds on the top; and also a piece of fruit. I find it very easy and fast to make in the mornings, but I feel like I might be lacking of protein too…
If you find a better option, please, let me know!
I hope this helps you through this amazing journey, and remember that the change is coming! 😉
Randy F.
I usually have the typical Indian breakfast in the morning along with some lemon and honey tea. Sometimes I like to have a Greek yogurt also.
Julie Z.
It's not bad, but research says it could be better. There is likely more easy sugars in your cereal and milk than you need and possibly more ingredients in pre-made products than could be ideal for you. I enjoy the free peer reviewed research-based nutrition advice provided by the not-for-profit organization: nutrition facts.org. An example breakfast would be oats with walnuts, ground flax, and frozen mixed berries. It's excellent blended and soaked in water overnight if you prefer smoothies.
Julian Y.
It is healthy depending on the amount of fruit and cereal you put in the smoothie. I would limit the banana to half size and use oats instead of cereal. You can also add vegetables like spinach and kale.
Tobias Z.
I do normally have a smoothie for breakfast. I do water with a vegan meal replacer and non dairy milk. I also typically have a banana or an orange. I consider my smoothie healthy. I will also do oatmeal some times.