I stay at a hostel. We are provided with good food here, but the only fruit that’s provided here is bananas, and I am allergic to them. Is there any way I can maintain my nutrient balance in this scenario?

Danielle A.
Perhaps you can try trading your share of bananas with a neighbor or friend for some other source of fruit. It could be a good way to start a conversation and make new friends, and it's a win win for everyone.
Sara U.
In that case I would choose eggs as my first choice.. And add some whole grain cereals with yogurt or milk.. That should do it for some time..
Ilhaam R.
Yes you can, either you can take a potassium and calcium supplement, or ask the hostel if they can give you avo instead of bananas… Or you could buy some of your own fruit, which would make up the nutrients
Stefanos U.
You could eat more salad on lunch time, or go buy some fruit from a local market. Aim for high vitamin C and antioxidant fruits, some of them are kiwis and pomegranates respectively 🙂
Frederikke Y.
Absolutely, as a vegan, I know how hard this could be but there are plenty options in order to keep a nice breakfast, such as eggs, spinach, beans or lentils
Diana O.
Fruit has sugar. You can take better, more fulfilling and nutritious meals if based in vegetables and legumes. Like lentils and rice, Pearl barley and chickpeas, and then add vegetables available like broccoli.