Any easy vegan protein rich breakfast options? Current have Museli with almond milk

Floriana Souza
Chia seed pudding or overnight oats topped with fruits and nuts! Banana oat pancakes! A smoothie with peanut butter and protein powder! A tofu scramble with veggies and sprinkled quinoa!

Birgid Pitz
I am afraid I am not a vegan or vegetarian so can’t offer much advice. Raw or soaked oats are very good. Raw oats are healthier than muesli. If you have a look on the internet / Google there will be plenty of info / suggestions.
Romane Rodriguez
Consider making scrambled Tofu or Tofu omelet style Muffins… the beauty is those can be easily prepared the night before and reheated in the morning. Hope you get more great ideas from others!
Lonnie Alvarez
Hard boiled eggs. Prepare a bunch in advance and store in the fridge. Oatmeal with added protein powder. Greek yogurt.
Julia Murray
One thing I discovered was some rather interesting Middle Eastern or Indian options. You might not think of having lentils for breakfast but there are some lovely spicy things available. Have a look on Pinterest.
Noélie Carpentier
A tofu scramble: scramble vegetables and tofu together in a pan, like one would do with an egg. I also like to make a batch of healthy muffins, like the ones from Tone It Up.
Christos Schell
I like retried beans and you can make tofu like scrambled eggs and add avocado and salsa. I’m not vegan but I often eat this way, although I do like cheese:(
Pedro Mitchell
Hey 🙂 I have a porridge with oat milk everyday and mix different fruit every day. Today it was dried apricots and my mum's chokeberry jam.
Czeslaw Panzer
Hummus on toast made with sprouted bread.

A fresh frozen fruit smoothie with a big spoon of silken tofu or some protein powder blended in.

Apple slices and peanut butter.

A sprouted English muffin with peanut butter and maple syrup.

Quinoa and sauteed veggies.