What is the most balanced breakfast one can have?

Shelly T.
Protein, fiber, and plants. I like to have a spinach and cheese omelette on a high fiber tortilla, with a Mandarin orange (Clementine or cutie). Also coffee with soy milk. It keeps me full for hours.

Malou C.
I believe that the most balanced would include a variety of fruits and vegetables along with some yogurt or eggs. Tea to go along with it! My latest breakfast was a small bowl of oatmeal with almond milk, a sandwich with veggies, chicken and cheese, a banana and tea 🙂

No Lie Z.
A breakfast that has protein carbs and healthy fat. Quinoa, beans and avocado is always a good choice. Extra water doesn’t hurt.

Ga L Q.
I like to use oats and banana for my everyday breakfast. It is simple to make and tastes good. I also use linen and chia seed, as well as suflowerseeds to extra nutrition. So what you do Id you cut a ripe or overripe banana in pieces. Then you take about 60 grams of oats and put them in a bowl. You add any milk you like, may it be animal or plant milk. Then, when you think you have the right balance of milk and oats, you put the mix In the microwave for a minute. After the microwave, you can add everything you want, may it be fruits or seeds.

Anastassiya X.
I would say it should have proteins, slow carbs with fibers and healthy fats.
Egg with vegetables or cottage cheese with berries will work perfectly.

August G.
Make sure a balanced breakfast consists of the most important food groups. It may be hard to include them all so never feel discouraged if you can’t achieve that. It should also be something that tastes good. This will make you more likely to enjoy better breakfasts. Maybe start off small, like adding fruits to the side of any breakfast you have, then work to improve another part of your meal. Remember to take your time and pace yourself. You’ve already achieved so much by just eating breakfast.

Marjolijn B.
I think one that contains multiple foodgroups, so including some stuff that will give you long lasting energy, some protein, and perhaps fruits for your vitamins 🙂

Danny T.
I think 3 egg whites with two pieces of bran bread and a glass of banana and almond shake is the most balanced breakfast