How do I have a healthy breakfast if someone else is making it for me? My boyfriend always makes Sunday brunch/breakfast but he doesn’t try to make it healthy.

Luanda W.
Try to avoid greasy and sugary breakfasts. You could also make a healthy breakfast for your boyfriend as an example of what is a healthy breakfast. You could also explain to him that you are trying to eat healthier and it is good for both your health.
Bella P.
Hello! If I were you I would probably start by buying some vegetables and fruits and making a salad with his breakfast or as an additional treats to his dishes. Depending on how full you are, you could always ask him to make a bit less for you to make space for veggies and fruits. Or googling some healthier versions of meals your boyfriend is cooking – for example instead of normal pancakes you could make oatmeal ones (I just made oatmeal pancakes up but I'm sure they exist) – and if he likes them, you both will benefit!
Kasper W.
Если я правильно поняла вопрос, то я бы поговорила насчет этого со своим партнером, объяснила бы почему это важно для меня — есть здоровую еду на завтрак. Дальше все зависит от реакции парня. Если он не пытается Вас понять, то это повод задуматься.
S Rio T.
Hey! Healthy breakfast is an important thing of course, but in my opinion, one day with less- healthy breakfast won't change things for you!
It's important to rest and give yourself time with the people you love. Don't be hard on yourself! xo
Edir B.
Ask him to like try to modify some of the meals that are a ok for the both of you. You never know what he might say unless you ask
Amalie Z.
You can eat it with him, it's okay and consider that it is an open meal only for this day and complete your day with healthy food, the most important thing is to enjoy the food with your boy friend and not to think about how healthy the food is. One meal will not harm 😉