Is a nutribullet shake is a good replacement for a traditional great breakfast?

Dietmar J.
Much like how a good teacher can make a good student great, adding a healthy shake to your daily meals can definitely make your breakfast better. But on it's own it may not be enough to keep you going.
Carina N.
I think that it can be on some occasions but after a few days a good Breakfast will be very appreciated. It also makes a large difference based on what you use in the skake as well. Stay away from too much sugar and it should be a good substitute.
Abel Z.
Personally, I would struggle to adopt a shake in my diet. I think the consistency and texture of the food matters and a good solution is a healthy mix.
Paul Y.
That's an amazing question! I have never done a nutribullet shake, however, I do make a smoothie every day for breakfast. I keep it simple and packed FULL of nutrients. It's important that you make sure to get whole food nutrients that will boost your energy and love your body. A staple smoothie for me is full of kale, hemp seeds, raw maca powder, turmeric, mixed berries, a banana, coconut water, and plant based protein. You can make changes nesseccary to this recipe to suit your taste as long as you make a nutritious filled and satiating breakfast.
Gustav N.
Not for me, I do my best when I have a warm breakfast- warm food energizes me, while I like cold things like a scoop of ice cream or yogurt at the end of the day to wind down.
Genesis N.
It doesn't have to be nutribullet, any kind of shake is a good replacement. You can add seeds and healthy fruits and gain all nutrition, more than in traditional breakfast.
Meinolf T.
I find I’m hungry mid-morning with shakes. I try to have a good protein (yogurt or poached or boiled eggs), fresh fruit, and a good carbohydrate (low sugar) keeps me satisfied and more energetic
Grace R.
I am not use to the habit of drinking shakes instead of eating a mea. Maybe is because the ritual of cocking, the food presentation or just simply eating gives me much joy. Or maybe is because all of this matter. Besides, even if it says It is organic and all good for you, I don’t thing that the processed shake has all the nutrients that the fruit/veggies and whatever’s it says it has can be better consumed than the fruit/veggie/whatever it self.
Claudia U.
Yes! If it have healthy fat like almond butter, fiber like chia seed, greens like spinach or kale, and plant base protein powder . Add almond milk or coconut water ! 😋💪🏻
Isabella Y.
I had to look up Nuttibullet as I've never heard of that before. What I discovered is it's a brand name. Yes, a shake is just as good, as it's made with all natural ingredients. My brother-in-law has been a personal trainer for 30 years and he swears by shakes. He's gotten the majority of our family, relatives and friends to drink them. Shakes are good for me personally because I have an issue with eating foods … large amounts, big pieces, etc. Taking a shake makes it easier to swallow and I get the niter I ants I need.
Apolline O.
It depends a lot of the shake. I have replaced my breakfasts with KetoChow shakes as part of my low carb diet and they are great!
Jane E.
Only occasionally. Healthy breakfast includes nuts, honey, fruits, some raw vegetables, eggs and some whole wheat bread (little) & lots of water.
Alyssa T.
It depends on what is in it. A great breakfast needs to be able to support you as you begin your day not sputter out like many options do.
Ediane C.
It depends on what you put in it. I used to make a shake of oats, banana, protein powder, peanut butter, and milk, and would feel great every day.
Donald W.
“traditional” depends. personally now i eat the quaker instant oatmeal packwts for breakfast with two slices of toast and butter, or you can substitute that for fruit, but the nutribullet is definitely better than eggs and bacon