What good to at morning

Paulina J.
Drink a cup of water right before waking up. Then do some Yoga or running (I think I will choose yoga now, cause the virus). After the exercise, having a great breakfast to kick off my whole new day.
Akanksha U.
Wake up on Time and embrace every moment beyond that. It's a necessity of a good day to have a beautiful start and a glorious ending. It's all done in between, so why not have a glass of water and a healthy breakfast with a little yoga straight out of the bed? It's a algorithm for better life.
Jacob W.
I'm not really understanding the question so if you could ask me a more proper question I can give you the proper answer or please rephrase so I understand better
Pia J.
in the morning it's good to drink water, eat a great breakfast to be ready for the tasks of the day, read a good book to feed the soul and stay positive
Vanessa E.
Always make sure you have breakfast, clean your face and teeth before you head out and try to relax before the day gets too manic later on.
Brian N.
Does this mean to eat in the morning? I tend to do a big fruit smoothie with Vega protein powder, fresh banana, fresh strawberry, kale, and flax oil! Today I had hummus with toast and tomato.
Alon W.
When I wake up, first thing I do is drink 4 gulps of water, go wash my face and brush my teeth, eat a good breakfest and then go do something religious, that's me after using honey for 1 week, can't wait to see where I'll be and what I'll become in the future
Naja B.
I dont understand the question….but I've been drinking more water, and trying to eat a healthy breakfast, as well as getting some excercises in.
What's good to eat?
Well I have some unsweetened hot tea first thing, then fruit- some pieces of mango, papaya or pineapple; then something with protein, cheese or egg or sardine sandwich. Some mornings I have cereal.
Tiffany N.
What’s good to eat in the morning? Protein. I had 2 eggs this morning. A hot beverage like water with lemon, tea, coffee – decaf so you’re not using caffeine.