How can I replace toasts? I don’t want to create a habit of eating toasts and don’t feel full without them.

Donald U.
Try eating something else instead. Can you have a different type of toast that’s healthier, like whole or sprouted grains? Smaller slices? Or a different thing entirely like corn tortillas.
Tara O.
Hey! I personally eat oatmeal and fruits, with some almond milk and chocolate. I can guarantee you that you will feel full!
Oliver Z.
Try having oatmeal with fruit as an alternative. Or stick with toast but choose wholemeal bread and top with avocado, mushrooms, tofu scramble or chickpeas to make it healthier!
Matthieu Q.
Try the chia bowl – not with nothing but with almond or cashew milk and the toppings you like the best such as banana, raspberries, goji berries, peanut butter etc.
Silke E.
Have you thought about what you like about toasts? You could consider an alternative that has that same positive thing. So maybe if it’s the crunchy part and ability to stack stuff on top, you could replace with rice cakes which are perfect for that as well! Or choose another complex carb that gets you full such as oatmeal with things mixed in to keep it interesting. I hope that helps!
Gerald P.
I think if you go for oats in the morning if will be more healthier in all aspects and will also make you feel full for a lonf time
Zo C.
A good alternative choice is granola with added bananas and nuts (both nutrious and high in energy). Quick to prepare, it would keep you satiated until lunch ! Another personal favorite is an omelette with cheese and veggies of choice – great way to mix things up.
Albina Z.
My suggestion is to start by choosing healthier bread options (low GI, rye, etc.). You might find those really work for your body, and carbohydrates are important to give you energy anyway! After that, I’d say start to cut down portions of bread until you don’t crave it anymore. Good luck!
Silje B.
I don't often eat toast. I usually have a high protein shake/smoothie because it keeps me full and you can take it with you on the go. You can also easily change up the ingredients so you don't get bored.
Ritthy S.
1. You can complement your toasts along with a glass of milk
2. Get some vegetables from market like capsicum, cabbage, onion.
Chop them and spread them across your bread along with butter, chilly powder.
Toast/ Grill it & your simplified Bread pizza is ready😋 It's healthy and I guess it should suit your taste bud… have a good day 😊
Lea Q.
Buy Rye bread instead, it is much better for you and has alot less calories so you don't feel as bloatee. Then try cracking 2 eggs in a frypan and putting them on top…yum!
Safira E.
Plain Greek yoghurt with chopped nuts

Contain a good mix of protein, healthy fats and fibre. It gives a great satiety that lasts until lunch. When having high fat option the gastric release is a bit slower which makes you feel full for longer.

Probiotic foods, such as plain Greek yogurt, calms down your stomach and digestive system, and can also help to boost the immune system. Good alternatives are Skyr, which also is high in protein. You can get the Icelandic yogurt from Ocado.

All of the ‘healthy nuts’ including almond, walnuts and cashews, have several benefits such as improving heart health, reducing cholesterol levels, increasing brain health and reducing stress. I recommend eating a handful of nuts a day.

Ada Q.
Actually having the same thing for your meal is good as it's consistency and easy to maintain how much calories you consume. However, for me you should try different manu. I understand once you get used to eat with toast and it become your habit already, however try to change to something similar like pancake, or you can try oatmeal pudding as well.
Alison E.
My suggestion would be to look into Trim Healthy Mama. They have alternative bread options you can make or even buy. Like wasa flatbread. Joseph’s pita bread and other items from that company. As well as Aldi’s does have sprouted bread which is a better option. Always look for sprouted, soured, fermented, of ancient grains.
Linda E.
Don’t replace toasts. Instead, ditch the idea of “full” replace it with “satisfied” or “that is all I need for now.” Replace the feeling of “full” with frequent anticipation of small snack milestones. You never need to worry about going hungry with frequent healthy snacks (fruit, nuts, salad, etc.) it is more about changing the perception of being full, and accepting the feeling of being nourished.
Robin T.
I’m surprised toasts are keeping you full— unless you’re eating something with more fiber than your average bread. I’m not sure what else you’re eating with breakfast, but you could try some other sources of fiber. A smoothie with full fat high protein Greek yogurt, raspberries, and chia seeds has about 15g of fiber. Another approach would be to make scrambled eggs with a bunch of veggies.
Anatol I.
I think it depends on our habit whether we fill full with or without a particular food or not. For example, my wife needs rice in her every meal. But due to work pressure and other consequences she is now used to with home made sandwiches with vegetables, meat/fish in it. In your situation I would try something else that I want to replace with for at least couple of days a week. I would recommend to make it two consecutive days. I believe over the time you can grow this habit and will be able to replace your toaster at some point.

You think we must admit that if want some change which is rooted deep you MUST apply some force. It's up to us to decide how much force we can accept without hurting ourselves.

Calvin U.
Reduce on the quantity of toast everytime and introduce something different. As time goes by you will find that toast has been cut off your meal.
Adamantino C.
Eggs, or cheese I think. Otherwise you can try fruit. I didn't expect that, but I introduced suspiciously fruit in my breakfast, and I'm really satisfied of it
Jimmie O.
Try eating something else that also does really fill you up, like beans and egga. The British have been doing that for ages.
Scott Z.
I eat flax jacks. 1 tbs ground flax, 2 eggs – makes a little pancake! Serve with frozen cherries (thawed), and a little Greek yogurt! Delicious
Olivia N.
You can find other, healthier bread-like things to eat, and switch them up. Whole wheat toast, those kind of rice cake thingies? I dont know what they are called sorry, nuts, fruits, make a full, balanced breakfast and you wont miss the toast!
Dietmar D.
Instead of toasts try getting rice cakes, or wasa bread they are both not sweet and you can put the same things on them just like toast, but with a tad bit different taste. Enjoy
Everett E.
French toast. Is an option it’s not actually toast it’s fried egg & cheese with bread. It’s a savoury breakfast. You can have grilled cheese toastie for breakfast or even grilled cheese sandwiches with alittle diced onion, arn’t I exciteing for food ideas guy’s? You get a light protein with the cheese & carb’s bread a low GI for sustained digestive help to keep the appetite low to avoid over eating.
Astrid W.
you should eat fruit nuts like some hazelnuts, or try eat a cereal bar, because it’s better remplace with a other products similes.
L Rke W.
You can still have toast but add a protein to it, like peanut butter of a bit of cheese
That means you feel full on half the slices!
Gilbert T.
The fiber in fruits combined with some whole grains works for me. Yogurt with granola and a bit of fruit or cottage cheese and cantaloupe work for me. Of course, if the toast is keeping you full, maybe that's already a good fit. Consider whole wheat if you don't use that already.
Nair S.
Replace them with rice crackers, or integral crackers. There are quite a few options that are as satisfying as bread. If it's for something sweet, you can always replace them with a slice of appe for example. For something salty, use salad leaves.
Stephanie O.
I like to make my own protein bars and granola bars. I make my own because often times store bought ones are full of sugar which isn’t what I am going for. Nuts help me feel full and are rich in protein and other nutrients. Also making sure to drink lots of water, especially when eating, to help me feel full is important to me too
Elliot Q.
Eating nuts or something else high in protein will keep you full much longer than toast. Other options are eggs, cheese, yoghurt, or fruit like banana and apples and berries.
Mia G.
I also love toast too, but even though, I try always my best to have new things, like for example, Greek yogurt with oatmeal, chia, strawberries and blueberries. Believe me, it tastes soooooo good and it makes you feel full. You can also try by downloading “Tasty” and start searching for some new recipes that fit for you. There’s also an alternative! Keep believing in yourself and keep going! Ly ❤️
Leah Z.
Veggies can make a crunchy foundation for your favorite toppings! But the truth is if roasts are fulfilling for you you shouldn’t avoid them you should incorporate whole grain healthy options. I love ezekiel breads, made from sprouted whole grains they’re good for the gut and fat burning. Change the way you toast and keep getting after it!
Ad Le Q.
You could try to make a healthier version of toast, for example toast some rye bread or a seed loaf and eat it for breakfast.
It’s just so much healthier and pretty much guilt free (at least more than normal white bread)
I hope this helps 🙂
Maya Y.
Replace it with a healthy fat instead. I have half an avocado. I make a sunny side up egg or scrambled and stick in center. Or in a hurry take boiled eggs. I like to put salt, pepper, cumin and hot sauce on it.
Liva W.
I usually eat cereal or fruit for breakfast. Toast takes an additional step to make and most of my patience is used while waiting for coffee to be ready in the morning.
Lynn E.
Toasts can be replaced by nuts. Nuts can give you a feeling of being full very soon. I initially couldn't give up on toast because of all the other accompaniments with it like butter, tea etc. But if you try to have a dry toast, it will taste bad and you'll never want to have it again.
Valerie X.
Eat much slower to allow your body time to feel full with other foods. Also, focus more attention on the other foods that make you feel full. Explore other foods as well. Variety will help a lot.
Mathilde O.
In order to feel full for longer, incorporate healthy fats like avocado in your breakfast. Or some lean proteins like eggs or turkey! If you are short on time in the mornings like me, i make quick fuity yoghurt bowls and top them of with things like coconut flakes and chia seeds. And just in case i feel peckish before lunch, I always have a piece of fruit like a banana or blueberries on me.
Astrid A.
Try including other, longer lasting, carbs into your diet. Many recipes allow you to switch out flour varieties. Try making whole grain waffles or pancakes. They're great with natural sweeteners like nuts, honey, and jams. Instant unflavored oatmeal packets take around the same time to cook as toast and are nutritionally superior. Try stirring in some nuts, nut butters, or seeds for added protein which will help you feel fuller longer. Berries are also a great addition, as they have less natural sugars than other fruits. Alternatively, experiment with smoothie mixes. You can add in as much or as little fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fillers (like whey or chia seeds) to get a super charged breakfast. However, fruit smoothies and juices have lots of extra sugars and can mess with your blood sugar levels so take caution not to go overboard with the sweet ingredients. You also need a high powered blender to make a smooth texture. My favorite smoothie mix is banana, pineapple, mango, oats soaked in coconut milk, and lots of spinach. It lasts me about three to four hours hours. has a great listing of smoothie ingredients and there's ton more resources online. Good luck building your strong, healthy habits!
Calvin P.
1. Reduce your frequency of buying toast. Limit yourself to buy toast, such as only buy once per week. Gradually, limit once per month.
2. every time you get hungry and wamt to eat toast, substitutes with vegetables that make you full easilly, such as baked potatoes or mashed potatoes.
3. Drink more water to make your tummy full.
Raymond O.
I eat a bowl of packaged salad with meat and cheese in it. It is delicious and feels full with two fried eggs served side-by-side.
Jonathan C.
Look for another food that actually fills u and that u actually like. Cereal can be a good exchange or maybe a bowl of fruit 🍉! Eggs are also a healthy food u can have! Hope this helps!