What are good options for a quick but healthy breakfast that isn’t too carb-heavy?

Christina N.
I can’t necessarily speak to the carbs because I don’t count them, but what makes things super easy for me is meal prepping for breakfasts and lunches. On the weekend I plan, buy, and prepare my breakfast and lunch for Monday through Friday and put it in the fridge so in the morning I just grab things and put them in my lunchbox (I eat breakfast and lunch at work.) and don’t have to think about what I’m going to make. For example, this week for breakfast I’m have hard boiled eggs, 2 slices of bacon, and 1/2c of blueberries. Last week, I had smoothies. I get a lot of recipes from Pinterest and I bought divided meal prep containers to put things in for the week. I also eat the same meal for dinner 2 days in a row so that I only have to cook dinner every other day. I’m single so it doesn’t bother meal to eat leftovers.
Osmar F.
2 x fried/poached/boiled eggs, spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms with garlic. Personally, I think it’s ok to have 2 slices of toast with this, as long as it’s whole meal, wholegrain bread, not sugary whitebread.
Diana J.
Bananas, apple, eggs, high protein. Because high sugar breakfast will give me energy for a short time in the morning. High protein will make me feel good until lunch time.
Savy U.
Eggs for sure, scrambled eggs are so crazy fast and easy, or fried eggs as well. Throw them on some greens for a healthy quick breakfast. Also smoothies are great, you can put all the ingredients in your blender the night before and stick it in the fridge and just add milk and blend it in the morning.
Jen F.
Grated sweet potato cooked in a skillet until a bit browned and crispy with some onion, garlic and peppers (or any veg u like). When you think the sweet potato hash is done, crack egg(s) on top and cover until egg is cooked to taste! Season, and yum!
You're doing great!
Dorian Y.
Every morning I have two scrambled eggs and a piece of fruit. Sometimes it’s pomegranate, sometimes it’s a banana! If I don’t fancy eggs I’ll have a scoop of Greek yoghurt with honey instead
Jose E.
My go to a is a chocolate and banana milkshake: I blend banana, milk, cacao powder, chai and flax seed and dates for a healthy, energising breakfast:)
Josie O.
Make smoothies. I really like a recipe I found for an Apple Peanut Butter Smoothie. Or combine nuts fruit and yogurt into a parfait.
Danelle R.
I love Greek yogart and fruit . I sprinkle a tablespoon or so of granola for crunch. Another quick go to is Apple and peanut butter or almonds
Aziz T.
I struggle with this because i am a slug in am. Poached egg in microwave on toast. Avocado on toast. I use a little tiny pan on stove if i do omelette or mushrooms cos not so daunting. Porridge predone in winter. Still working on this. For me simple not overly sweet and quick and light. Probably need to consider evening prep to make it easier for me.
Katherine F.
Oikos triple zero Greek yogurt with fresh berries

Spinach & egg scramble
Add salsa for more flavor

Protein smoothie

Holly N.
Protein bar + apple. Spinach/kale + egg make-ahead “muffins”. Greek yoghurt + banana. PB + apple slices. Hard boiled eggs + avocado. Coconut water + spinach + orange + Greek yoghurt smoothie (small) + nuts.
Asta U.
A protein shake is my go to. It’s filling, yummy and you can customize it to the nutrients you need.
Another option, if you have prep time is egg bites. Basically an omelet you make in muffin tins and then refrigerate. All you have to do is wake up in the microwave for a quick and easy breakfast.
Benjamin E.
I typically enjoy a drink called Huel for breakfast and lunch. They're vegan, complete meals, and give me long lasting energy.
Pat J.
I have been drinking a long cup of black coffee and two small slices of sourdough seeded bread with pinabutter with half a banana and cinnamon spread on top. I love it! It’s so yummy and filling. Just hope it’s not too much carbs as I’m wanting to loose some weight.😊
Rima F.
I like toasts with eggs and avocado or homemade granola with milk I also eat hummus which is very healthy and light classic oatmeal is also a good option I add an apple some cinnamon and honey it turns into the tastiest breakfast ever