What do you eat for breakfast when you aren’t hungry?

Alex J.
After doing it for so long I’m just in the habit of eating cereal, it took a while but and I found a cereal I really like so I look forward to it and don’t feel like I’ve started the day right without it. Even if I’m eating as I get things ready and get my shoes on.

Alpoim N.
2 tablespoons of butter in coffee, blended in the blender. The coffee helps me get up and doing and the butter keeps energy sustained. But I feel like I just drank a cappuccino.

Adam C.
On the mornings I’m not hungry I usually will eat a banana (if we have any) and two eggs. They help me feel full until lunch so I don’t end up snacking. Plus, it’s a good source of protein before my workout and helps keep me going!

Richard E.
Try something sweet and easy to prepare, like a banana with a litlle of peanut butter on top and grab some nuts for your way to work so yo can eat them on the go by little.

Izzie F.
I generally eat small amounts of something healthy/filling. (Small egg, a bit of yogurt, cheese stick) Sometimes I don’t want to eat that early though, so you can either take a protein shake or bar to go and eat it when you get hungry later.

Caleb J.
Depends on how I feel. But often I skip it. today I ate half an egg and Canadian bacon sandwich and coffee. But fruit bowel or cereal or 1boiled egg might also be good choices or oatmeal or cream of wheat etc.today ate half a egg and Canadian bacon sandwich and coffee. But a trite bowel or cereal or 1boiled egg might also be good choice or oatmeal or cream of wheat etc.

Julio B.
I wait till I’m hungry. If I have to leave for work or something else I’ll pack something I can eat in the car or when I arrive.

Florent A.
I eat a spoonful of peanut butter and a banana. Those two things taste good together which really helps when I’m not hungry.

Lena P.
Something small and liquid like a smoothie or a small glass of orange juice with a slice of toast. Something is better than nothing

Mareile J.
A healthy cereal because it takes no time to prepare and I can choose how much I want which is what I need when I’m not hungry

Elsie J.
Usually oatmeal or some sort of snack like pretzels or an apple or something. I pretty much force myself to eat knowing I'll be hungry later

Rem Zio Z.
Hi there,
I’m a big breakfast fan but when I’m not hungry I’m eating fruit, for instance pineapple with bananas or I’m making a watermelon smoothie with some apples, depends on the season.

Hunter F.
If I'm not hungry or in a hurry I usually make myself drink a big glass of whole milk. Which is like 150 calories.
I find liquid goes down easier than food when I'm not hungry, but the smoothies I try to make at home so far don't taste that great and I end up not finishing them.
If my stomach has been sensitive that week, I drink the milk with a lactase enzyme pill. It helps digest the sugar. You get a good amount of protein and fat too.

Sula E.
a smoothie is good for that situation because it doesn’t fill up to much but provides enough nutrition to supply you throughout the day. it also tastes delicious!

Charlie N.
I enjoy a simple, vanilla yoghurt with blueberries or bananas. A dash of cinnamon on it always perks up my appetite a little.

Eleanor Z.
I’m rarely not hungry for breakfast. My breakfast is almost always the same: steel cut oats, fruit, and seeds or nuts. A banana with peanut butter would be a quick alternative.

Jar E.
I focus on carbs and protein, maybe a shake with milk, fruit and oats. For example I mix 50 grams oats (I’m 5 10”) with milk, fruits and cinnamon. The fruit can be an apple or a banana, that pretty easy to do and easy to take, but because of it’s lack of fiber it’s most likely you will be hungry son.
Another option is to take a ham sandwich with panela chess, you can find 100 Calories breed in the market.
My last recomendation is a plain original Greek yogurt and fruit.
But don’t skip the breakfast, at least a fruit.

Mike U.
Something small is better than nothing. Some plain yogurt with some fruit isn’t too heavy of a meal. Or maybe even just a fruit. Eventually your body will get used to eating in the morning and you will be hungry.

Soren E.
I am practicing a keto lifestyle so breakfast is often left over roasted veggies with scrambled eggs and cheese or if I am really ambitious a bacon kale frittata loaded with other vegetables. And a sugar free iced coffee with coconut milk

Garance Y.
I actually eat the same as usual: for example, a wholesome tuna patty sandwich with a side of vegetables. I just wait until I'm hungry and eat a bit later than usual. If am going to work, I eat it anytime anyway because I know it's good for me and saves me from a headache, which is just a personal thing I suppose. And importantly it's rare that I'm not hungry in the morning 🙂 I don't eat full dinner in the evening.

Ken Z.
When I’m not hungry I will still make myself a protein shake with collagen, almond milk and sometimes MCT oil. I toss all the stuff into a mason jar, pop on a lid and shake it up. Easy peasy!! Having protein in the morning sets your metabolism up for success and prevents sugar crashes later in the day.

Lonnie P.
Something very small that I could possibly manage to stomach. That could be just a banana, a small yogurt, a handful of trail mix, or even just a glass of milk.

Megan J.
Yes!!! Breakfast is called breakfast because your body just hasn't eaten for 8 hours! You need to break the fast and start your metabolism! You don't have to eat a huge breakfast, just something small and eat a bigger breakfast later! Eat a piece of toast or a shake and just get your body started! At first it is hard and your body says no because you are so use to not eating, but you need to try hard and do it as your body will benefit.

Alberte Z.
A protein breakfast shake! I make it with lots of nutrients, and make sure it still tastes good. Once I get in the habit of drinking it in the morning it's much easier to drink when I'm not hungry.

M Lani F.
Normally a smoothie! Just use frozen fruit and some juice or water. It’s basically like a drink but still healthy and nutritious. Cereal bars are great too when you don’t have as much time

T O Q.
A smoothie is a simple and easy meal when I’m not too hungry. Protein powder (wazoogles is great), frozen banana, nut butter, honey and almond milk and blitz it all together.

Pearl E.
I usually eat a biscuit which contains a special ingredients to make itself a breakfast-replacement. In Indonesia, it’s called “Belvita” and it’s available in the minimarket nearby.

Thea Z.
I know that I will be hungry later on so I make myself some oatmeal or some sunnyboy I live on a farm and when I was a kid those were my absolute favorite and still are. If I don't eat it right away I'll just put it into a container for later I never skip breakfast now all thanks to fabulous.

Jos T.
ale jak chcesz nam towarzyszyć będą chcieli żadnych podatków i nawet spełniała swoje to było do końca marca na szczęście niedopłatą jest wyjatkowo niska

Neiva E.
I’m never hungry at breakfast, but I’ve been skipping meals for years and it needs to stop. I never had the energy for the day, but when I eat oatmeal, which is very fibrous and has a lot of protein, or a banana with peanut butter, which has a lot of potassium and protein, I feel a lot more alert the whole day.

Ivan U.
The same things but in a smaller quantity. Since I do Crossfit around 1h after my breakfast, it’s important to eat something to have enough energy.

Peer J.
I Have to eat something but slices Oman or banana twice the nutrition that our body needs, or an apple 4 on the go. # mixed uts it's the Greatest. 🤗🙂✌

Joe C.
I have to take a medication that requires 350 calories to work, so I must eat breakfast every day, regardless of how I feel. A lot of days, I don’t want to eat. So I have some nuts (walnuts are good) or dates (a few dates go a long way). Some days, I’ll drink a meal replacement drink called Soylent. The chocolate one tastes like chocolate milk, so it’s not too bad. Sometimes I’ll have a juice or smoothie. For some reason, it can be easier to drink breakfast than eat it.

Hope that helps!

Ted F.
Well in the morning, everyone is hungry because you haven't eaten for almost 9-10 hours. That is why it's called breakfast as in you break your fast. You could try having dinner early to prolong this fasting period or much healthier option would be to workout. This will make you tired and hungry and you could eat a heavy and healthy breakfast.

Evan T.
I'll have a cup of coffee first and take along with me something to go. I'll eventually get hungry at some point later.

Tristan Z.
To be honest I never used to eat breakfast as generally speaking I was not hungry till about 2-3pm. Since I have started my fabulous journey I’m eating my breakfast hungry or not 😉 no sugar added swiss style muesli or simple oats doing the trick just fine. And a big cuppa of earl grey tea x

Kurt S.
I am not usually hungry, but if I am I will eat eggs and avocado toast. On a regular basis I have yoghurt with tosted seed, fruit and dark chocolate pieces or cereals.

Dylan C.
I've always had a hard time with breakfast and recently I have discovered protein or meal replacement shakes. They're quick and easy to sip on the go.

Urbano G.
Sometimes I just have coffee and wait until my tummy grumbles before eating something small and easy to digest, like soup. Other times I just have a slice of unbuttered toast.

Charlie T.
When I am no hungry in the morning u usually drink a protein shake. Then I may have a boiled egg for a snack if I get a little hungry at mid morning.

Soline E.
When I’m not hungry for breakfast, I usually have my cappuccino and a fruit. Usually, I’m hungry though. I try to eat my cereal and yogurt combination every day.