What’s your favourite breakfast?

Elizabeth F.
One where I am sitting with my husband, drinking coffee. Eggs are nice, some kind of fat and protein like buttered English muffin or flaxseed noatmeal.

Maja A.
My favorite breakfast is simply what I enjoy and of course what I can put together. LOL.. Whatever makes your morning a little better is what I can consider my favorite. Therefore, the moral….be happy and worry free!!

Stephen U.
The reason why I eat toast with margerine & egg is the body goes into shock from not being awake for 8 hour’s etc. rest & recovery from the day befor.

Phyllis Q.
Low sugar cerials with popped Amaranth but it depends on my mood. Sometimes se nicely fixed scrambled eggs are amazing. Sometimes a piece of gluten-free bread with a tasty spread. And when I have more time my ultimate favorite is a healthy version of eggs benedict: gluten free bread, avocado, smoked salmon and of course poached egg. Variety is key 🙂

Richard Harris E.
A hot bowl of freshly made porridge with half milk and half water. Lightly sweetened with honey or dark brown sugar. A large glass of water and a small coffee.

Ritthy A.
Oats soaked overnight in milk and yoghurt with chia seeds, flaxseeds and sultanas. In the morning I add either sliced banana or diced apple.

Kassidy N.
My favorite breakfast is vanilla Greek yogurt topped with blueberries, strawberries (or raspberries), low-sugar granola and honey. Yum! All of which accompanied with a warm cup of coffee.

Siegrid E.
I love to make tapioca pancakes with fruit and nuts. They are really easy and quite fast to make, I just spread some hydrated tapioca in a pan, and then I add some banana, some homemade jam and nuts. It's delicious!!

Lesi N.
Bacon egg and cheese on a roll with salt and pepper! Or a Mexican omelette. As long as I have eggs with a meat and a carb and a fruit with water and coffee I am on the right track!

Egbert F.
My fav brecfast is oatmeal with banas and a glass of orange juice it really get's me going for the day and keep's me going till lunch so whats your fav brackfeast??

Mandy O.
My favorite is a couple eggs and a kodiak dark chocolate protein pancake. Sometimes I add a little pb and banana I stead of an egg. It depends on my hunger levels and energy. For a quick bite, bellota breakfast bars work.

Haley Z.
My favorite breakfast is usually eggs, avocado toast, bacon or sausage, and some sort of fruit or sweet. And iced coffee for sure.

Victoria I.
Egg, cheese, & broccoli quesadilla, with cumin powder. Chocolate, peanut butter, banana, almond milk, plain Greek yogurt, & chia seed smoothie