When is your favourite time to eat breakfast?

Pelin R.
About 10 am. It is much better to have crowded breakfast with family members. So, I wait until they are awake if I am not in a hurry.
Dania F.
Well it’s not right after I get out of bed, but when I’m fully awake and able to see the house I’m living in. I start heading to the kitchen and switching between the usuals I have everyday.
Dimitrios Z.
I get up, drink water, and I’m going to add some exercise along to the daily workout on the radio. After showering and dressing I go downstairs and have breakfast.
Owen O.
I like to eat breakfast very shortly after I wake up. First I will brush my teeth and pull up my hair and drink water, then I will start preparing something.
Diocl Cio P.
my favorite time to est breakfast is about 9am, after ive had my morning coffee and worked out and warmed up for the day
Karla U.
It depends on how my sleep is. I’m naturally a night owl, so sometimes it’s nice to have a relaxing breakfast at 11 am. Other times I feel eager to begin the day, and it’s tempting to skip breakfast entirely. I know that isn’t healthy, so I’d say 6 or 7 am.
Carolina S.
After I have gotten my daughter on the bus at 730…I continue on a walk for 30 min. when I get home…I shower and beautify for work (you never know when a video call request will come in). I log in and check my emails…have some caffeine…and then eat around 930.
Jack U.
My favorite time to eat breakfast is right after my coffee. I like to take my mornings slow, so after I get done with my favorite cup of coffee. I decide what I want to eat for breakfast!
Arcelino O.
When I have had chance to get up and get out of bed, think about the things I need to do and drink a glass of water first.
Cristiane Z.
i don’t like to eat breakfast as soon as i get out of bed because i’m not that hungry yet, so i usually eat breakfast after getting ready for the day
Khadija G.
My favourite time for breakfast is after 2hours of my awakening. Because after waking up and offering the daily prayers I drink 2 glasses of water and then after offering prayer I like to have some light exercise as per my ease and do some morning walk. And after having done all these , almost after 2hours I like to eat my breakfast😌
Alex Y.
I usually eat mine about 8.30 am. This is over an hour after I initially wake up. I don't like rushing breakfast & I usually don't have an appetite immediately when I wake up either