What menu you usually use for breakfast?

Dawn P.
Fresh is best. We choose organic when we can. To save time I prep ahead. Overnight oats are great to prep for the whole family and there are so many options and combinations to choose from.

Val N.
I normally fast until about 1:00pm but I am eating breakfast now to re-educate myself how to eat healthy- not diet but eat healthy. I love loaded oatmeal. Right now I have oatmeal with cranberries, coconut, almonds, peanut butter and a little honey. I have an apple here waiting for me as well. I will log this in MyFitnessPal and see if this is balanced.

Cory X.
Steel cut oats, almost every day. I make a batch of four servings at the beginning of the week and the refrigerate them so I can take one out each morning.

Ashlyn U.
I like to feel full, so I usually have oatmeal or eggs. With the oatmeal I cook the oats in almond milk and add in a small amount of dried cranberries, chia seeds, pecans, cinnamon, peanut butter powder, and some stevia to make it sweet. With eggs I'll make one with a little cheese and put it on a piece of wheat toast with light butter.

Willow J.
Most mornings I mix 40g of oats with 1cm of finely chopped fresh ginger. Add 250ml milk and then microwave as per oat-packaging instructions. Then I top it with canned fruit and flaked almonds/sunflower seeds. I have recently discovered a high protein, no fat, low sugar yoghurt called Skyr for when I'm in a rush, great with a slice of whole seed toast. 🙂

Gino F.
Oatmeal with semi/skimmed milk and fresh/frozen fruits sprinkled on top. Sometimes, overnight oats or low sugar high fiber muesli also w fruits.

Rafaelo F.
Love Cream of Wheat

1/2 c.Blueberries
1/2 c. Raspsberries
1/2 c. Apple juice
2 Scoops Vanilla Whey Protein Powder
1 Scoop Chia Seed
2 Scoops Flaxseed
1/2 c. Whole Milk

2 Eggs
2 Strips Bacon
2 Slices Cheddar Cheese (Deli)

1 to 2 c. Coffee
2 Tbsp Coconut Creamer
1 packet Stevia

Shawn Z.
Typically I look for high lean protein and low carb. However complex carbs like oatmeal are great. I will often combine a bit of oatmeal with two turkey sausages.

Arnold E.
Usually I start my breakfast with a cup of tea
After that I have a plain unsweetened yogurt with a piece of fruit.
Than I have a boiled egg along with one or two slices of bread with a little bit of olive oil or avocado.
Finally, I finish with a big cup of freshly brewed coffee

Daniel X.
I'll normally have a quick breakfast: cereal or toast. But if I have time, I can have a bacon and egg sandwich or some pancakes.

Alexandra J.
Banana, because is tasty and keeps me full (and helps with stomach ache as well); a cereal bar beacause it's easier than just cereal and I can have on-the-go (I opted for a no added sugar one); yogurt because I need some probiotics and this is a tasty way. I choose a drinkable one so is very small and fast to gulp.

Isaltino N.
It’s always a cup of tea, a big one. The last few days I eat eggs for breakfast but before it would be a Belgian waffle or a yoghurt with fruit. Bread with salad. Not very healthy, I believe.

Ashley A.
Almost always have oatmeal in the morning when it’s cold. I use one smashed banana, 1/3 cup of oats, 2/3 cup almond milk, flax seeds, hemp seeds. And then a fruit on the side or on tip depending on what I have.

Silke B.
I would usually use eggs, bacon, cheese, i would make a marmalade and buuter on bread, or when I am in a hurry i would eat some of my dinner leftovers or buy something from the bakery on my way out.
I also tend to eat some apple or pomegranate, which we always have at home, after my breakfast.

Joanne U.
After a large glass of water I like to make egg recipes,eggs are satisfying and homely. Veg or fruit at breakfast too and coffee for energy,milk no sugar.

Mads C.
Well, Usually for breakfast I have some oatmeal/porridge (depending on my mood) and I always have it with some little seeds, nuts, cinnamon powder or honey and on the side of that I have some tea as well as a piece of fruit!

Rosita Z.
If I'm in a hurry to leave for school I will usually pack instant oatmeal and some dried fruit to make when I get to class. If I'm not, then I'll make myself an egg sandwich on a whole grain English muffin with a slice of cheese. I try to keep it simple so it doesn't get too tedious on busy mornings.

Annemarie X.
Wholegrain pitta and peanut butter or a fried egg with black pudding, or egg and avocado on toast, or a handful of bluberries, dried mango and seeds

Clinton S.
It depends on what I’m craving! If I want something sweet, I make oatmeal with honey and a big scoop of peanut butter mixed in. If I’m craving salty I’ll make an egg over medium with toast. Also can’t go wrong with mixed fruit in the morning, or even just an apple if that’s all there’s time for!

Cl Ment Z.
when i’m rushed: cereal with milk & nuts ( carbs + protein )
maybe a fruit for vitamins & minerals

when i have time: i like sautéed veggies with eggs (scrambled, sunny side up, omelette, etc.),
toast, fruit, yogurt

just depends on what the morning is throwing at me.

hope this helps!

Ettore T.
Milk and coffee (cow milk or rise milk), an apple and then I have different option: yogurt and pumpkin seeds, or 50gr smoked salmon on a slice of bread, or an egg.