How long after waking is the best time to eat breakfast?

Erna Q.
In my opinion, between half an hour to an hour after waking up is the ideal time to have breakfast. This allows you to wake up properly, rehydrate and stretch a bit before eating, so that you can get in tune with your body's natural hunger cues. This way you are more likely to eat something healthy and nutritious and not overeat, since you will be listening to what your body needs ( a healthy, balanced breakfast ) as opposed to what you might want ( like a donut, for example ).
Alexa W.
It depends. If I am going to be doing a sweat inducing workout in the morning, then I wait until after I have worked out to eat breakfast. If I’m not doing anything hardcore for exercise, then I eat right when I get up.
Grace U.
When’s best to eat breakfast, exactly, is unclear (breakfast is typically defined as being eaten within the first two hours after waking, according to a review by the American Heart Association), but within the first hour might be best if you have blood sugar or hormonal imbalances.

Cortisol (the stress hormone) can get out of whack with weird eating patterns, which can lead to unstable blood sugar and cause stress on the body,” says Washington-based registered dietitian Sharyn Saftler, RDN. By leveling things out right away, your body doesn’t have to work overtime to stay calibrated (and wear down your battery in the process).

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Nicole Y.
For me, the best time is about an hour after I wake up. I have enough time to drink my water and do my stretches, so by the time I finish, my body is ready to eat.
Storm N.
I feel that 30 minutes is the best time to eat after waking. You have time for you body to become aware of it self and to get water in you system to wake you up some more
Lise A.
I think the best time to eat breakfast is as soon as you wake up. I usually workout a little bit or stretch, drink a glass of water and then eat breakfast.
Silvia O.
I think it depends on whether or not you exercise in the morning and if you exercise better after a snack or on an empty stomach. I usually wait between 20min to 2hrs, the latter specifically when I exercise, because otherwise I get nauseous.